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One of the most requested and purchased LED lighting types for home remodeling and upgrades is the LED ceiling light. These lights are positioned on the ceiling to provide pin point light to specific areas, or a wide beam of light to fill entire rooms with bright, white illumination.

Kitchen Cozy

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Ceiling lights are best used in rooms where people gather to complete important tasks, which arguably can be any room in the house, but most likely the kitchen. When a mother walks into a kitchen to prepare a meal for her child she wants to be able to see everything she is doing with clarity – for safety and taste purposes. With an under cabinet lamp she can see what she’s doing at the counter, but what about seeing what she’s doing at the sink, or the stove or the table?

With an LED ceiling light, the mother can have confidence that she is preparing the best meal she can possibly make and that she isn’t going to slice her finger open while trying to slice carrots.

The best LED ceiling lights for kitchens are LED pot lights, also known as recessed downlights.

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Bathroom Brilliance

A home’s bathroom can either be a horror or a healing oasis. Not only does the choice of fixtures and décor help create a beautiful space but so does the choice of lighting. The best LED ceiling lights for bathrooms could be pot lights, but instead you could choose to install sconce lighting, or over the mirror decorative lighting to add ambience and create a spa-like feel. LED ceiling lights in bathrooms come in dimmable options so you can turn them up to see while putting on your face, or you can dim them to make a warm, sensual mood; perfect for an after work soak.

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Living Room Illumination

Whether the family is watching Dr. Who on the telly, reading a book or playing a rousing game of cards, adequate lighting is essential. LED ceiling lights strategically placed overhead can provide just the right amount of light for each family activity. Movie night? Dim the ceiling lights for that movie theatre experience. Reading a bedtime story to the kiddos? Turn on the LED ceiling light directed towards the sitting area. There are so many different LED ceiling lighting options that homeowners can be as detailed as they want.

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