Why You Should Get Rid Of Your Sodium Vapour Lamps and Get an LED SON Replacement

Why You Should Get Rid Of Your Sodium Vapour Lamps and Get a LED SON Replacement

An LED SON replacement lamp is the perfect substitute for a sodium vapour lamp. These UK LED bulbs perform in a more energy efficient manner and they are longer lasting, ensuring that your money goes further. The 20W, 50W and 80W replace traditional 60W, 150W and 240W bulbs respectively. This LED lighting is available in cool white for clarity of vision and the bulbs provide between 2,200 and 8,300 lumens, depending on the wattage you purchase.

Sodium Vapour Lamps

There are two types of sodium lamp available: high pressure and low pressure. Low pressure lamps are more energy efficient but because they emit yellow light they are best suited for use outdoors. High pressure sodium lights are smaller in size but they contain mercury. They first give off a dark pink glow but this is replaced with a pink-orange glow as the bulb warms up. As these lights get older the voltage they need to power themselves climbs higher. 

So, should you be replacing your sodium vapour lamps and how does an LED SON replacement compete?

High Quality Light

Regardless of which wattage you choose, the LED SON replacement is a robust investment and its 350º light beam ensures any room is well illuminated.

Save Energy, Save Money

In terms of its energy efficiency, this LED lighting uses 90% less electricity than its traditional counterpart, which is a significant saving. Furthermore, 90% of the electricity it uses is converted into light and, as a result, very little heat is given off. This is the biggest reason why it is more energy efficient than halogen and incandescent lights.

The electricity saving also translates into savings in utilities for you. Investing in the LED SON replacement will see a return on investment from your LED lighting in six months. What’s even more inspiring is that you can also expect 50,000 hours from the LED bulbs, which works out to approximately 30 years.

Don’t Waste Time with Maintenance and Installations

It is also convenient to install; these UK LED bulbs come with an E40 fitting so they are quick and easy to change.

Benefit From a No-Risk Guarantee

The LED bulbs available from LightRabbit are available with a five-year guarantee so you really aren’t taking on the risk. LightRabbit also offers a 90 day return policy on LED bulbs; we are that assured of the quality of our products and your satisfaction.

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