Why G12 LED Lamps Make Ideal Lighting Solutions for Museums

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Our 9W G12 UK LED bulb uses 45 x SMD 5050 chips, which give the equivalent light output to a traditional 15W Metal Halide, or 80W incandescent globe and is available in both cool and warm white with a massive beam angle of 360º. It's main advantage is its optimal efficiency. Requiring just 9W of power these UK LED bulbs produce 900 lumens of light. This makes G12 LED lamps ideal for commercial applications and where high visibility is required. Some of the places it is used in include: Hotels, Restaurants, Art Galleries, Museums, Bars and other public places where IR radiation and UV cannot be used. One of the places this kind of LED lighting is used most commonly is in museums, and that’s what we are going to be taking a look at here today.


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Museum Lighting Is a Niche Requirement

Museums have highly specific requirements when compared to other kinds of industrial lighting. A museum needs to incorporate an attractive mix of accent, general lighting, task lights and LED spotlights and even decorative and sparkle lighting and G12 LED lamps provide exactly that.

Because a museum is constantly on display it is also always using lots of power and running up high electricity costs. LED lighting therefore provides a highly efficient and cost effective way to provide illumination for a museum space. It also provides the very important service of powering Emergency and Exit signs in galleries and museums.

Some museums have taken a conscious decision to go green with LED bulbs. Many of them operate from sustainable buildings or have based their processes and visitor tours on some kind of renewable energy or practice. In keeping with museums’ over-arching theme of preservation this is an important component of museum maintenance.

Click here to view our range of G12 LED LampsClick here to view our range of G12 LED LampsClick here to view our range of G12 LED Lamps museum_practice_© Richard Waite

Museums also have to restrict the amount of natural light they allow into their exhibition spaces, especially if they have lots of light sensitive materials inside, which could get damaged. The darker the museum, the greater the amount of artificial light it will need to provide to maintain a decent level of illumination and compensate for this. 

G12 LED lamps work extremely well in museums and other public buildings because of their generous servings of light, in terms of light intensity and amount of light delivered by the angle of the beam. This LED lighting offers high visibility in a very smooth way and because of the energy efficient way in which the LED bulbs operates is highly cost effective even if the lights are being left on 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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UPDATE: Why not take a look at our *new* 12w G12 - 1200 Lumens - equivalent to a 20w Metal Halide.

    • Replaces
    • 15W
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    • 20W

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