What is oLED Lighting?

oLED Lighting - Re-revolutionising the lighting industry 

Imagine... windows by day, the most energy efficient lighting by night

The rising star of energy efficient lighting is oLED. The innovative oLEDs are Organic Light Emitting Diodes, an advanced form of LED lighting, made from carbon-based, organic substances. They are used primarily in displays, but can also create effective white light for practical purposes. They do not create pinpoint lighting as LED bulbs do, rather the effect is a panel of light over a surface area.

As well as being highly efficient light sources, the cells in OLED's can be used as coating on foil or plastic so the display is completely flexible. This means they could double up as windows during the day, and convert to lighting at night time.

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What Are the Benefits of oLED Lighting?

  • oLEDs generate good quality light colour. They are also available in a range of different colours, making them versatile.
  • oLEDs come on instantly when you flick the switch; there is no flicker or warm up period as with traditional sources of light.
  • They are dimmable which makes them suitable for use as ambient lighting.
  • They are considered cold lighting sources because they do not generate any heat. For this reason they can be shone directly onto glass, wood and other flammable materials, and are suitable for use in commercial and industrial applications.
  • They have greater efficiency levels than halogen and incandescent lights.
  • They are small, light, thin and flexible.


LED's are considered the ultimate 'green' source of lighting these days and the fact that oLEDs are made from organic substances just adds to their resume. They are highly efficient and feature somewhere between LED's and CFL's in terms of their efficiency.  Furthermore they do not contain any dangerous or toxic substances like mercury, and they are IR radiation and UV-free.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Have oLEDs In Their Homes?

There are a few major manufacturers producing panels but they are only really offering sample panels, which means they are manufacturing smaller quantities at expensive prices. Some of them are also manufacturing oLED lamps, which are also quite pricey. As such there has been a lot of money and research invested into the technology as the manufacturers are trying to find cost-effective ways to develop it.


oLED Lighting - Re-revolutionising the lighting industryoLED Lighting - Re-revolutionising the lighting industry


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