What is a GU10 Bayonet Base?

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When you read about the spectacular lighting advancements provided by LED lighting, you have probably read about the GU10 LED bulb, the most popular of LED light bulbs. While many would think that the GU10 is the name of the bulb itself, the truth of the matter is that the GU10 refers to the base of the bulb and not the portion of the bulb containing the diodes.

The GU10 LED is also called the bayonet mount, or bayonet socket bulb base. This type of base fitting functions by using a cylindrical male side, and a female receptor with two or more open L-shaped slots. These slots are where the radial pins from the male side will go. Perfectly placed springs will add tension which will keep the two pieces together securely.

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Historically, the bayonet socket was first used in the 13th century by Al-Jazari, a Kurdish inventor, mathematician, mechanical engineer and scholar. Tales told about this great thinker showed that he first used a bayonet socket to mount candles to his candle-clock (a brilliant device that used a thin candle against a meter marked with evenly spaced lines indicating passing time).

GU10 LED bulbs are available in several different light temperatures (warm or cool) and wattages. While the use of candles as a source of light is no longer necessary (except during power outages or romantic evenings), the bayonet mount base is used in the design and manufacturing of the GU10 LED bulb. This base fitting allows homeowners to replace their traditional, money and energy wasting incandescent bulbs with money and energy saving GU10 LED bulbs.

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