What can be Done with LED Under Cabinet Lighting?

LED Under Cabinet Lighting

LED lighting has finally come to UK households. Once touted as a far future light source because of the science behind how they operate, LED lighting options have been revealed to be not only realistic, but practical and efficient. With energy efficiency at the top of many homeowners’ desired qualities in their homes, LEDs have come into their own as an essential home accessory.

Energy efficiency is a key characteristic of LEDs. These light sources operate by utilizing the movement of electrons stimulated by an energy source, to create photons. These photons are the smallest element of light and combine to produce illumination that uses far less energy than incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs.

LED light bulbs are around 400% more efficient than the historical choices for lighting. This is because the bulbs do not release unused energy in heat, resulting in less energy used and wasted, and a cooler surface. LED bulbs can also last for up to 50,000 hours of use or more, resulting in fewer repurchases after the initial investment.

Discerning homeowners who use UK LED lighting will find that they can take advantage of another of LED bulbs’ strong suits: in providing directional lighting. LED under cabinet lighting provides a brighter illumination in exactly the areas where you need it, with durable finishes and a variety of options.

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LED Under Cabinet LightingLED Under Cabinet Lighting

LED under cabinet lighting can be selected by colour, which can create the atmosphere you want in your home. You can also choose your precision level of LED lighting, using either LEDs with high output for more precise illumination or smaller ropes of LED lights for smaller areas in cabinets.

We have all the options you could want for the best LED shopping experience. At LightRabbit we have been providing all around customer service for several years to customers in the UK and Ireland, and we want to help you. Whether you are simply exploring your LED lighting options or want to expand your household energy efficiency with additional LED lighting in the UK, we are more than happy to assist you in any way we can.

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