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SMD LEDs? Things you need to know...

As the best online LED lighting business in the UK and Ireland, we go out of our way to stay on top of what’s trending; what’s the new LED bulb technology, what’s the new government standard for household carbon emissions, what is the newest LED lighting fixture craze? One of the most popular trends we’ve discovered is that people are really curious about SMD LEDs. 

So, the question arises: what are SMD LEDs? An SMD LED is a surface mounted LED lighting fixture. An SMD LED is an LED light fixture that is installed directly on the surface of some kind of electronic component such as a motherboard, circuit board or other surface in need of a low heat emitting lighting. SMD LEDs are most commonly used as indicator lights in computers, as backlights on laptops and smartphones, and as push lights in keyboards or keypads.A SMD LED is the only choice when a light is needed but there isn’t space for a larger light component, much like on circuit boards that are used in tiny devices such as: wireless computer mice, remote controls, digital readout panels (like on dishwashers or microwave ovens), digital clocks, or security keypad panels. SMD LEDs are rarely used by the general public as they are most often utilised in product manufacturing, although clever appliance and computer repair technicians use SMD LEDs regularly to replace damaged LEDs in their electronic items.Like their residentially and commercially used cousins, SMD LEDs are energy efficient and cost effective. Instead of consuming energy from the electronic components and expending it as heat (which would spell doom to any circuit board), it expends it as high quality light when activated. SMD LEDs are durable and last a very long time. Often, the electronic device will die long before the SMD LED does.

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