What are LED Drivers?

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Well, the truth is that not many people know what an LED driver is let alone what it does. So, in an effort to educate our customer base, we will provide the basic information on LED drivers in this blog post. While the information is valuable it can get a little confusing for customers who aren’t electrical engineers so we will attempt to make it as close to layman’s terms as possible.

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What is an LED Driver?

Because the language used by most electricians and engineers can be confusing to homeowners and tenants who just want to buy the best LED, we will attempt to explain this without the long words and scientific verbiage.

An LED driver is the microchip inside the LED case that controls that amount of voltage that passes through the case from the socket into the LED bulb itself. Drivers are exclusive to LED technology because it is the piece of the green lighting puzzle that allows the LEDs to consume less energy but give off more light than a traditional halogen light bulb.

What does an LED Driver Do?

The driver in an LED is designed to sink the current that’s channeled from the light fixture socket into the LED bulb. Yes, this is basically the same information provided above, but we want to make sure that these two questions, though similar, are answered to the best of our ability (without the confusing words).

LED drivers are an essential part of the LED lighting package. Without it, the LEDs wouldn’t nearly be as energy efficient and cost effective as they are. If these answers still do not provide you with the information you want, feel free to call us directly.

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