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Product Information
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    Varilight V-Pro
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    V-Pro Dimming Module
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    Varilight V-Pro™  1 or 2 Way Silent Trailing Edge & LED Dimming Module (10-100W)
    This is the module only (no faceplate)


    Our Varilight V-pro Dimmer modules are an essential purchase when dimming LED's. They work with a minimum load of just 10 watts or 1 lamp all the way up to 100 watts or 10 lamps.

    This Module will fit in to your existing dimmer plate so you won't have to worry about it matching with the rest of your dimmers or switches. The V-Pro™ trailing edge dimmer range features intelligent overload protection, short circuit protection and, most importantly, V-Pro™ intelligent load detection. This makes the dimmer extremely versatile because it is able to adapt in response to the lighting load to achieve the best possible dimming performance. V-Pro™ dimmers are suitable for controlling most dimmable LEDs, dimmable CFLs, electronic low voltage transformers, mains halogen and traditional mains GLS lighting.

     When you first install your V-Pro dimmer module it will automatically default to trailing-edge mode. This mode is best for most types of LED lighting. Additionally, the minimum brightness setting of the dimmer can be adjusted to achieve the optimum dimming range for a particular bulb or fitting.

    Please read these instructions carefully. Incorrect installation may damage the dimming module beyond repair. In case of any doubt or difficulty consult a qualified electrician or alternatively please call to speak with our knowledgeable Customer Support Team on 0800 080 3201.

    This product complies with European Safety Regulations (IEC 669-2-1 or BSEN 60669-2-1) when used in lighting circuits containing MCBs (miniature circuit breakers). These can be rated at 6A, 10A or 16A (preferably 6A for lighting circuits).Your guarantee is not affected if you have an older lighting circuit protected by fuse wire links.



    •  Pro dimmers can be used to dim 1-10 good quality dimmable LED bulbs (per dimmer).
    •  We recommend our Lightwell 6W Superior spotlights for best results.
    •  Soft Start Technology, allowing a longer life span of the bulbs or lamps.
    •  Compatible with 5 dimmable electronic transformers, (10 if Varilight) for low voltage circuits.
    •  The V-Pro Series Dimmer cannot be used for wire-wound Low Voltage transformers or inductive loads.
    •  Trailing Edge by default, but this can be adjusted to Leading Edge or "CFL" mode
    •  Can be used in 2-way circuits (where one lighting circuit is controlled from two locations).
    •  Maxiumum load of 100W for dimmable LEDs. Minimum Load of 10W
    •  Dimmer brightness can now be adjusted if the LEDs are too bright at the lowest dimmer level
    •  Not compatible with lighting panels, or LED strip lighting (LED or CFL).




    ✘     Non-dimmable fluorescent bulbs and tubes;
    ✘     Wire-wound or toroidal transformers;
    ✘     Electric motors.


    ✔     Mains voltage incandescent GLS or candle-shaped bulbs;
    ✔     Good quality dimmable electronic low voltage transformers;
    ✔     GU10 or similar good quality mains halogen bulbs;
    ✔     Digiflux Dimmable CFLs
    ✔     Most dimmable LEDs


    Always observe the recommended maximum load:

       V-Pro 1 Gang
     Minimum Load
     V-Pro 1 Gang
     Maximum Load
      Incandescent  20W  200W
      Mains Halogen  20W  150W
      Low Voltage Halogen  20W  150W
      Eco Halogen  20W  150W
      CFL  1 to 8 Digiflux CFLs  1 to 8 Digiflux CFLs
      LED  10W or 1 lamp  100W or 10 lamps











    Download the VARILIGHT V-Pro Dimmer Instructions here



Additional Information
  • Additional Information


    In case of any defect, return the dimmer to our service department. Varilight undertakes to repair or replace, at its discretion, goods which have become defective within 12 months of purchase, solely as a result of faulty materials and workmanship, provided that:-

    a) The unit has been correctly fitted according to the instructions and has not been used with an incompatible load, fluorescent tubes, or overloaded beyond its rating, and has only been used on a 200-250V a.c. power supply.

    b) The dimmer module has not been tampered with or taken apart. However, for your convenience, it is perfectly in order to remove a faulty dimmer module from multi-gang dimmers by pulling off the knob and unscrewing the nut under the knob. You will then still have the remaining modules working whilst we service your faulty module.

    c) The unit is securely packed and safely returned to:  Service Department, Carylls Lea, Faygate, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 4SJ  together with a letter stating the guarantee registration number below, the date and place of purchase, the type and wattage of the lighting or other load being controlled and the details of the fault.

    This guarantee states Varilight’s entire liability, which does not extend to cover consequential loss or damage or installation costs arising from a defective product.

    The guarantee does not apply to problems arising from any incompatibility between your lamps and the dimmer switch. This guarantee does not in any way affect the statutory rights of the purchaser and is offered so that you may have the benefit of our technical facilities.



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Can a dimmable led be used without a dimmer?

Just like a standard light bulb you can use a dimmable bulb without a dimmer.switch, but we do recommend a dimmer switch to get the most out of our products.

Can you tell me how deep the Varilight V-Pro LED Dimmer Switch module is? It looks bigger than my existing one so I'm not sure it will fit.

The dimensions of the Varilight V-Pro Dimmer Module is 50mm length by 27mm width & 25mm depth excluding the module switch.


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