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You probably spend a significant amount of your monthly electricity bill on lighting in the office or industrial workspace. In order to ensure the environment has optimal working conditions, you need to keep the lights on.

If you run your lights all day, the second biggest problem, after the cost, will be the annoyingly frequent need to replace bulbs. The Lightwell Light Panel has been specially developed to help building and business owners deal with both of these problems.

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Zero Maintenance; Zero Fuss

Because they use 60% less power, these lighting tiles are easy to maintain and will help you save a great deal on your monthly electricity bill. Moreover, in offices where there is no designated maintenance manager, there is even better news: they can be installed quickly too. The Lightwell Panel Light can be fitted straight into a ceiling tile void, or purchased with an optional surface mount or ceiling suspension kit.

Perfect Lighting for any Office

The Lightwell Light Panel has also been engineered to ensure perfect ergonomics in the office. It is available in cool and natural white, which both minimise worker eye strain and support better concentration.

Perfect Lighting for all Applications

You can also use the Lightwell Light Panel in warehouses, retail environments, home offices and even in kitchens. It can be purchased with dimmer switches to give you greater control over the lighting in your environment. If you have a lighting system or large commercial application, you can buy a Dali driver to go with it.

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The Technical Specs

The Lightwell Light Panel is available in both 60W and 39W. The 60W variety is 1200 x 600 mm in size, has a light output of 4950 lumens and can be used as a 400W replacement tile. The 39W is 600 x 600 mm in size, has a light output of 3200 lumens and can be used as a 200W replacement tile. Both the 60W and the 39W have wide beam angles of 120-degrees.

The 39W Light Panel only consumes 40W of power to produce its light, and the 60W uses 60W, reducing energy consumption significantly.

Lasting up to 30 years, the Lightwell Light Panel is a product you can install now and forget about. Once it is in, it is virtually maintenance-free and provides superior lighting for any corporate or commercial application.

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Start Saving

Once you’ve installed the light, it will repay its own cost in the next six months, in terms of the electricity savings it puts back in your pocket. After that, you can look forward to tangible savings in maintenance and power use. Moreover, of course, the more CFLs you can replace with Lightwell Panel Lights, the greater your savings will be.

The best place to start is visiting LightRabbit. Here you can get expert advice on lighting for your commercial or workspace, and place an order for Lightwell Light Panels. The best part is they offer a 90-day no-quibble money-back guarantee and a five year warranty, so you have nothing to lose.

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