LED Flood Lighting

One Simple Trick that will Make your Home Cheaper & More Secure

LED Security and Flood Lights

Floodlights are ideal for enhancing the security of your home and making it look more welcoming when you arrive back after dark. The good news is that you can now get LED flood and security lights, keeping your home safe and secure at minimal cost, even when you leave them burning all night.

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Keep your Home Safe and Secure

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Your home contains all the things that matter to you, and installing outdoor lights in front it can act as an effective deterrent to stop would-be criminals from targeting your place.

If you’re worried about a glare on the road outside, you can now get low profile lights that are also IP66 waterproof. The 50 Watt Slimline LED security light can replace your old 250W outdoor light, and save you a significant amount in energy costs. With an expected lifespan of 45,000 hours, you won’t need to worry about replacing it anytime soon either. If you want to use less power to run it, this light is also available in 30W and 10W varieties or for brighter variations in 100W and 200W.

A 120-degree beam angle ensures maximum illumination, for wider driveways and house fronts. You can also choose between warm and cool white light colours.

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Home Entertaining Just Got a Little Easier

Home Entertaining Outdoors

A sunset barbeque is the perfect way to end a summer weekend. While you may have needed to get your meat done before the sun went down a few years ago, having outdoor lights means you can now have your barbeque whenever you wish.

A Slimline 10 or 30W LED security light around your barbeque area can keep it well lit no matter how many people you have around, and ensure the festivities go on well after dark.

Lighting While You Work

If you are someone who needs functional light while you work, whether in one place or while on the move, there’s also a solution for you. You can get a 10W or 20W Portable, and Rechargeable LED Flood Light that goes with you. You can use it as a replacement for a traditional light. With a 120 beam angle, it’s ideal for all your work needs after dark.

These days there is really no reason to continue to use outdated lights that cost you more. LightRabbit offers the widest selection at the most competitive prices and can help you find the best outdoor or flood light replacement today.

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