LED Warehouse Lighting

Taking Stock of LEDs for Warehouse Lighting

LEDs for Warehouse Lighting

The cost of running warehouse lighting is extremely high, as are the lights on the ceiling when they need to be replaced or repaired. By changing to energy efficient LED high bays, you can reduce your expenditure on electricity and save yourself a lot of trouble when it comes to maintenance and replacements in any warehouse.

Warehouses may need to run their lights for up to 24 hours a day to maintain good light quality and to keep up with the production schedule. Moreover, the bigger the warehouse, the more power it requires to stay lit, and the higher its electricity bill at the end of the month. Making a subtle change to LED lighting can make a difference of up to 90% on that electricity bill.


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Warehouse LED LightingWarehouse LED Lighting

Modern High Bay LED Replacements

You can replace a standard 550W metal halide light, or 250 High-Pressure Sodium light can with a 200W industrial grade high bay LED light, which has IP65 waterproofing. This means no dust or water can penetrate the structure, and your investment in this high-quality light is protected. That already means you can reduce the chances of it requiring maintenance or repairs considerably.

Because it emits up to 26,000 lumens of light, using only 200W to run, the industrial high bay LED light also allows warehouse owners to reduce their carbon emissions significantly. It is also available in a variety of beam angles (25, 60 and 90-degrees), to produce the focused light you need in your environment.

Also when you buy industrial high bay LED lights from LightRabbit, their products are backed by a two-year guarantee, so you are assured of a high-quality product that’s going to last decades.

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LED Flood Light Solutions

If you want a lighter duty LED flood light to cover a wider area, high bays are also available in 60, 80, 100 and 120W bulbs. These LED high bays are ideal for use where the ceiling is more than 20feet above the work surface.

Moreover, with a 50,000-hour lifespan, these are lights that won’t need replacement in the near future. That means less maintenance, less waste and greater efficiency. It also means a lot less effort: warehouse ceilings are notoriously high and really inconvenient to access. Who wants to climb a ladder and risk their lives to replace a bulb once a month? Why go to this trouble when all you need to do is consider a better product that makes use of smarter technology?

Higher quality light means better working conditions for warehouse workers, and higher levels of accuracy thanks to the light output. Both the industrial and floodlight LED high bays are available in cool white.

The dimmable option also gives you the opportunity to reduce your power consumption by further, especially if you typically keep the lights on for most of the day. During those times when the workshop is empty, you can dim the lights and keep the environment safe.

LEDs Put Money Back in Your Pocket

If you can show that you can improve the light quality for workers in your warehouse and that your lighting choices can reduce your business’ overall carbon emissions, you may also qualify for lighting finance. Check with the experts at LightRabbit who can offer more information on funding applications. With LEDs, you can save money, save the environment, and even get a little acknowledgement from the government.


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