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Light Bulb Moment: Switch to LEDs in your Workshop

LEDs in your Workshop

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Your garage and workshop lights work hard to offer you light so you can work hard as well. Not only do they provide essential light in these dark rooms, they also contribute to your safety while you are working away. Today LED technology has reached a point where it is highly suitable for functional indoor use, using a fraction of the power required by old halogen and CFL lights.

Garages and workshops may have their lights running for hours on end; all day and into the long dark hours of the night to finish projects. Now LED technology has progressed to the point where you can be specific about the kind of lights you want while delivering high-quality products.

In the last couple of years, light bulbs you might have seen your entire life got a lot cheaper to run and a lot easier to maintain. They’ve just got more advanced technology powering them, and they do more with less.

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Workshop LED LightingWorkshop LED Lighting

T8 Tube LED Lights

Now there is a LED alternative for the T8 fixtures in your garage and workshop. Available in 10W, 18W, and 22W, these tube lights provide a safe working environment at all times of the day and night. Moreover, they do not need a starter or ballast so you can also get a longer lifespan out of them.

With an 180-degree beam angle and cool white light, these LED tube lights will make light work of your next project.

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Ultra-Slim LED Panel Light - Transformer Included

If you are looking for something more streamlined and slim-fitting, the Utra Slim LED Panel Light for garages is available in 20W, 28W, 40W and 72W. They are also dimmable which gives you greater control over your workshop lighting.

The dimmable option also gives you the opportunity to reduce your power consumption further, especially if you typically keep the lights on for most of the day. During those times when the workshop is empty, you can dim the lights and keep the environment safe.

You can order a Panel Light according to the size of the room you want to illuminate. The 20W, 28W & 40W tile is 600 x 600mm while the 72W tile is 1200 x 600mm. Both offer a wide 120-degree light angle.

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    • 20W
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    • 72W
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    • 144W

Incorporating LEDs into your world just makes sense. With an expected lifespan of up to 30 years per bulb, you won’t be replacing them anytime soon. Moreover, consuming 60% to 90% less energy means you save on your electricity bill, and you spare the rest of the planet the carbon emissions. Plus, when you dispose of the LED bulb you don’t have to worry about toxic residue.

When you get your bulbs from LightRabbit, you can also look forward to a five-year money-back guarantee in your LEDs. That means there is virtually no risk to you while you really have everything to gain. The friendly team will also offer advice on the best bulbs for your workspace or garage, or help you identify which LED replacements you should install.

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