LED Kitchen Lighting

The Heart of the Home: Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen has long been the heart of many homes; we prepare meals there, some people eat there, we congregate and share news of the day there, and we enjoy the company of our loved ones in the space between the stove and the counter. For many of us, the kitchen is where life happens in our homes, and if the heart of your home is dim and dingy, you’re missing out on a bright, clear, crisp experience with LED kitchen lighting.

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Spotlight on the GU10 LED Bulb

Meal preparation in a dim or dark kitchen isn’t just a hazard it’s a travesty! Who wants to dice onion on a counter where the only lighting comes from a yellow overhead light or a flickering fluorescent tube? If you have recessed lighting or are considering installing recessed lighting in your kitchen, your best bet for a safe and well lit kitchen is the GU10 LED spotlight bulb. This bulb provides a bright, crisp white or warm white light at a 90º angle. That means you can see and enjoy your kitchen with lighting that fills every shadowy space and shows off any modern kitchen to perfection. The GU10 LED spotlight bulb is also cool to the touch so you never have to worry about fires in your ceiling.

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Lighting the Nooks and Crannies

There are nooks and crannies in every kitchen but none as frustrating to light as that area under your counter where the overhead lights cannot reach. Well, with LED strip lights or under cabinet lighting fixtures you can fill your kitchen with cool white or warm white light from ceiling to bottom shelf.

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are easy to install; they can be fastened into place with the self-adhesive backing on each strip, and each kit comes with simple instructions for placement.

If you prefer larger lights with replaceable bulbs you should consider installing under cabinet light bars like the Lightwell Lightbar. Its low profile allows for installation under the lip of cabinets, inside display cases or in classic dining room hutches.

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Dimmable LED Lighting for Kitchen Moods

Overhead spotlights and under cabinet LED strip lights are compatible with dimmer switches which means you control the intensity of the light; bright for when you’re cooking or warm and cozy for evening chats around the bar.

LED lighting, while a little more expensive than incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lighting, is a much better option. Traditional bulbs consume far more energy than LED bulbs but the energy consumed only gives off 20% light and 80% heat - which is why all traditional bulbs are dim and hot to the touch. LED bulbs use less energy and give off 90% of that energy as light and less than 20-10% as heat - which is why LEDs are brighter and cool to the touch.

Because LEDs consume less energy, they can save you 90% on your yearly energy costs, and that’s money you can use to create large, wonderful meals for your friends and family in your well lit, energy efficient kitchen.

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