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How to Use LED in the Boudoir

When people hear about LEDs they typically consider the commercial use of them in stores, office buildings, and warehouses, but few people think about using LED lights in residential dwellings. Even if they do consider using LED bulbs in their homes, very few, if any, think about using them in their bedrooms where traditional overhead lighting or bedside lamps provide enough light for their needs.

Fortunately for you, LightRabbit has great ideas we’d like to share about how and why to use LED lighting in your boudoir.

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Your Getaway

Bedroom LED LightingBedroom LED Lighting

Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping; they are great places to relax and get away from the hectic light outside its door, they are where intimacies are performed, and it is where many people choose to unwind before going to sleep. While traditional overhead fixtures and bulbs provide light, the light they provide is dingy, too widely disbursed, and hot to the touch. Who wants to become romantic in a room with icky yellow light? Who wants to choose their outfit for the day under a light that makes everything a little difficult to see? LED bulbs and fixtures allow you to choose the direction of your light and the beam angle which is perfect for creating the right atmosphere for bedtime reading or crossword solving.

If you want to provide a decorative touch to your bedroom space, you can look through our selection of LED strip lights which come in several colours and can be installed around windows, along trim, around mirror frames, and anywhere else you’d like to see a splash of colour or mood lighting.

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Create the perfect bedroom mood

Refreshed and Relaxed

With the brilliance and directional lighting provided by LEDs you can turn your bedroom into a warm, inviting room without turning it into a jaundiced sweat box with little to no true ambience. If you’d like to have a brighter room, you can choose a Cool White bulb which provides brilliant, crisp light to any room. LED lights have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours of continuous use which means you may never have to change a bulb during the course of your time in your residence.

The bedroom should be an oasis and LED lighting can help you save money on your energy costs which will make you feel as refreshed and satisfied as any desert oasis.

For more information on our selection of bedroom lighting fixtures, our selection of LED light bulbs, or our 5 year guarantee, please contact us or visit our FAQs page. We are always willing and eager to provide you the information you need to make the best lighting decisions for your home.

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