A Guide to Coloured Mood Lighting

LED Coloured Mood Lighting

Most people have thought about adding mood lighting to their home but are uncertain as to how to achieve it. The key is creating layered lighting, it is not about replacing your existing lighting scheme but adding layers to it. All rooms require a layer of bright light for practical reasons, the next layer should be your focused task lighting, and the third is the softer lighting for ambiance. With advances of LED technology, it is now possible to create ambiant or mood lighting in your home by introducing colour.

A Colour for every Occasion

Set the mood for every occasion, show personality and creative flair with colour changing LED bulbs and strip lights. They are both easy to install, the bulbs will fit into your existing light fittings and the strip lights are self-adhesive and stick to most surfaces. Choose the colour setting with the remote control to suit whichever mood you want to create.

Mellow Yellow - Yellow light is warm and cheery. It helps create intimacy, perfect setting for a relaxing cosy night in watching movies.

Hot Red - Red light evokes emotions of passion and love. For a romantic dinner with your loved one swap your standard dining room light for an RGB LED bulb and set to a hot red glow.

Calm Blue - Blue light promotes calm and serenity. Stay relaxed in the bedroom or bathroom by using strip lighting to add an accent of blue light.

Tranquil Green - Green light symbolises nature and represents tranquility and freshness. Add vitality to any room with introducing a green hue in your lighting.

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 LED Coloured Mood LightingLED Coloured Mood LightingLED Coloured Mood Lighting 

Colour changing LED bulbs

Anyone can change a light bulb! The easiest way to add a touch of colour and change the mood of your room is with RGB coloured light bulbs. Suitable for lamps, wall lights or ceiling lights it couldn’t be easier to add a colourful lighting effect to any room. Our range at LightRabbit include GU10, E27 and MR16 fittings which are direct replacements for your existing GU10, E27 or MR16 bulbs. Multiple settings means you can choose from a number of static colours or even select one of the effects for a rainbow of colour in your room.

LED Coloured Mood Lighting

LED strip lights

Made popular by bars, restaurants and nightclubs where mood setting is paramount, strip lights are now widely used in the home to create unique lighting. LED strip lights are ideal for highlighting different areas of a room where conventional lighting is not suitable. They come in flexible strips of individual LED lights and can be cut to size or joined together, or easier still, in complete kits which are plug and play technology. Available in single colours or RGB colour changing strip lighting with remote control.

LED Coloured Strip Lighting

Strip lighting makes a modern addition to any home and can be installed virtually anywhere, they are flexible and can bend round corners and be cut to any size. Try adding a touch of coloured lighting underneath sofas, behind televisions, inside shelving and under window sills. Perfect for running along kitchen cabinets and plinths, behind headboards or along stairs. In fact, the options are endless with our range of self-adhesive LED strip lights. Choose from our wide range of colour strip lights here.

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