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Bright Lights and Beautiful Blooms: Garden Lighting

Outdoor Living with LED

Did you know that converting to LED bulbs can save you up to 90% of your electricity usage? When it comes to garden lighting the same rule applies, whether you want to replace your outdoor wall light bulbs, decking spotlight bulbs or indeed garden chandelier bulbs. It makes perfect sense to use LED light bulbs and not spend any unnecessary monthly budget on traditional garden lights.

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Style without Compromise

Just because you have LEDs in your garden doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. You can get candle bulbs with filaments, for a delicate and decorative look to complement your garden. The E14 Filament Candle is a small Edison screw base and fits perfectly into outdoor chandeliers, wall lights and post lights.

You can also get LED replacement golf ball bulbs to use in the garden. These are ideal to use as driveway lights, wall lights and post lights. They provide essential task lighting, suitable for around your entrance and doors, and can be used to highlight your beautiful garden all year round.

Why not have contemporary decking spotlights fitted to add a some class to your garden. All our LED spotlight bulbs are suitable when installed with waterproof outdoor fittings and can transform a lacklustre decking area into a showstopping outdoor evening dining area. Or create drama and mood by installing easy to fit outdoor LED strip lights. There really is no limit to the creativity LED can add to your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Floodlights for Safety and Security

One of the best ways to keep your property secure is to have floodlights outside. These are ideal for perimeter lighting, or even to bathe your outdoor entertainment area in light.

If you want to save even more on electricity, a floodlight with a PIR sensor is the most efficient investment you can make. These floodlights only switch on when they are activated by movement and are easy to install.

A secure home starts with LED Flood Lighting

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LED floodlights are available in both round and square casings, with 60-degree wide beam angles, which ensure you get the best value for money. The 27 Watt IP65 LED Working Light is a very wide flood, and only one light will provide enough illumination for a significant section of your outdoor area.

Its 1,755-lumen output is available in cool white and will help you save up to 90% of your electricity costs. This light is a HID replacement, in terms of its light quality, but it functions with the efficiency of a LED. Its IP65 rating will ensure that the light stays free of garden soil and water penetration, which adds to its lifespan.

The floodlights can also be used as up lights, highlighting impressive trees and foliage in the garden. These floodlights are a perfect example of how you do not have to compromise on aesthetics when switching to newer, more energy efficient lighting sources.

Moreover, because LEDs can function in both extreme heat and extreme cold, you can use the same light bulbs the whole year round without worrying about any potential damage to the bulbs.

LEDs are the smart choice for garden lighting applications. Choose LightRabbit for a wide selection of versatile floodlit and garden LEDs, and start saving today.

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