Tips To Help You Create an Emergency LED Lighting Plan

LED Emergency Lighting

Emergency LED Lighting
needs to be able to operate immediately when the power supply to a building is lost. For that to be able to happen you need reliable LED lighting. Emergency LED lighting is one way to ensure you are prepared with a high quality product in the event that your power supply is cut off and you don’t have a backup.

LightRabbit‘s 14W 3-hour Maintained Emergency LED 2D Bulkhead Lamp with microwave motion sensor provides a customised way of controlling your emergency LED lighting and providing a backup for three hours. It’s robust and durable, giving you something to fall back on.

Emergency Lighting is usually split into two categories: Escape lighting and Standby lighting. With escape lighting your exit areas are supposed to be illuminated and well visible so that people can leave the building safely. Open area lighting also falls under this category and should be employed to minimise confusion and ensure that the exit routes are visible. When escape lighting works properly it gives you more time and better conditions to get people out. With the correct standby lighting you should be able to continue to perform a normal work cycle in the event that the lighting fails.

Once you have created an LED lighting plan for a building you have a mandate to check that all the illuminated signs are working as required. It is your responsibility to test emergency light fittings and ensure they work properly. LED lighting and signs that are lit externally are supposed to be illuminated whenever people are in the building.

Tips to Help with Your Emergency Lighting Plan

14w LED 3 hour maintained Emergency Bulkhead diagram

  • Try and get UK LED light fittings that minimise the glare in the space.
  • Escape routes, open areas and high risk task areas all have different lighting requirements. Generator rooms are supposed to have self-contained emergency lights, while two emergency lights are required to light up open spaces and segments of escape routes.
  • Directional signs should be used to indicate escape routes clearly. Do not forget to include the bathroom in your emergency LED lighting plan. Bathrooms are classified as open areas so you will need two illuminated signs to show people how to exit.
  • Use LED bulbs for their reliability and life span. Your back up plan can’t fail you in the event of an emergency and using longer lasting UK LED bulbs will ensure you do not have to be changing lamps on a regular basis.
  • Stay safe and save money when you buy your LED Emergency Lighting from LightRabbit.


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