The Stylish and Practical B15 LED Bulb

Update your Chandelier Fittings with LED Candle Bulbs

If you’ve ever had the chance to venture across The Pond and visit Disneyland in California USA, you might have had the chance to take a stroll through the Haunted House attraction. This walking tour of a haunted mansion features everything from ghostly reflections in mirrors to entire rooms spinning to trembling chandeliers with flickering bulbs. Well, sadly, there are many homes here in the UK with chandeliers crested with ugly flickering light bulbs.

Because so many homes in the UK and Ireland were erected long before the Americas became a colony, there are many that still utilize old features and fixtures. While a vintage or antique chandelier or wall sconce can add an elegant and old world feel, the lighting doesn’t have to be as old and crusty as the fixture – unless you like your dining room or kitchen to remind you of a discotheque; low, dim light, flickering, flickering, flickering…and costing you nearly a thousand pounds in wasted energy and replacement bulbs per year.

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Update your Chandelier Fittings with LED Candle BulbsUpdate your Chandelier Fittings with LED Candle Bulbs

B15 LED Bulbs
Why deal with all that nonsense when you can keep the tasteful light fixture and rid yourself of the dingy, flickering halogen bulbs? The B15 LED replacement bulb is a bayonet bulb; shaped to look like the outline of a flame on a candle (the historical lighting method used in medieval and Victorian chandeliers). Not only are the shaped with style in mind, they are designed and manufactured with eco-friendly features. The energy efficient B15 LED bulb consumes less energy, but emits brighter light. You can choose between a Cool White, Warm White, or Natural colour temperature, and you can even add a dimmable option so that when the evening calls for a bit of romantic lighting, the B15 LED bulbs in your dining room chandelier can dim down.

Because the LED (light emitting diode) uses a continuous current at a lower voltage, the lights will never flicker, and they brighten fully in seconds.

If your wall sconces or chandeliers need a little updating, you’re in luck! LightRabbit has a wide range of high quality bayonet style B15 LED bulbs in stock. That means that when you’re ready to stop seeing your dining room lights flicker when you’re trying to enjoy your Yorkshire Pudding, you should consider buying and installing a LED light bulb that is both beautiful and flicker-free.

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