The Perks of Using 2D LED Lamps


The Perks of Using 10W 2D LED Lighting

2D LED lamps are a good looking way to introduce energy efficient lighting into your home. They are a little more refined than the commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions that are on offer and the quality of light they produce also adds a lot to the ambience of the room.

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2D LED lamps are the ideal replacement for your current 2D fluorescent lamps. They are only available in cool white. The final result is smooth and seamless in terms of the bulb’s lumen per watt performance and its ability to create a smooth source of light. This means less glare and more aesthetic appeal, whether you need to illuminate your home or your workspace. These lamps will give you an investment in a lighting solution that will give you approximately 50,000 hours of illumination.

Because there are two connectors and tight voltage binning on 2D LED lamps, you can connect the light engines in series or parallel without making a difference to the flow of the current. The 120º light beam angle is sufficient to provide high quality, smooth lighting in any room of your home or any office space.

These 2D LED lamps feature an isolated power driver, which ensures consistent flow of current. They are well regarded for their conversion efficiency (conversion of watts to lumens) and their high power factor. There is also no flicker or delay when you switch them on and you can save more than 60% of the electricity you would consume using traditional lights.


Why You Should Get Your LED Bulbs at LightRabbit

LightRabbit is proud to stock LED bulbs and lamps of the highest quality at cost effective prices. Our UK LED products will enable you to cut costs and waste less time with DIY jobs and property maintenance. These UK LED lamps are so easy to install that you don’t even have to worry about re-wiring; you can simply place them into the existing fittings.

Our LED lighting is backed by a two year guarantee as well as a 90 day, no questions asked return policy, so you really have nothing to lose, except possibly a few digits off your utilities bill at the end of the month. We also offer a same day dispatch service for online orders.

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