The LED G4 Will Be Right At Home in Your Kitchen

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Whether you want to create decorative or practical LED lighting for your kitchen, the G4 is one down light that can show it off to its best potential. Using just 1W of power these little spotlights are available in warm and cool white and will accentuate the heart of your home. If you have been contemplating changing your lamps to a more energy efficient solution, LightRabbit brings you everything you need to know about G4 LED bulbs.

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1. There Is No Mercury in LED Bulbs

Shop G4 LEDMercury is one of the biggest disadvantages of using CFL lights. Disposing of the bulbs is difficult and, of course, dropping one requires that you treat it as hazardous waste. With LED bulbs there is no mercury so there’s no concern about throwing them away or dropping them.

2. Light Is Instant When You Switch On LEDs

Fluorescent tubes and incandescent lights might delay and then flicker before they get to their full brightness. The bulbs might even flicker when they have been on for a while. LED lighting is fully illuminated from the moment it is switched on. The light also shines consistently and does not flicker.

When they were first developed LED lighting did not come with dimmable options but now many of them do offer this choice. Furthermore UK LED lights do not burn out completely when they reach the end of their lifespan, they just get dimmer.

3. G4 Works Well For Task and Accent Lighting

If the kitchen is the heart of the home you have to make sure the mood is just right. And, most likely, the more time you spend in your kitchen the greater the importance you should place on your ambient lighting. Using the G4 enables you to get a good balance between task lighting on your work surfaces and appliances, and accent lighting on the areas of the kitchen you just want to show off. Spotlights can be particularly effective when they are applied on or around glass cupboards as the glass refracts the lights.

Browse our range of LED Strip/Tape4. Think about Incorporating Strip Lights

Strip lights, are ideal for countertops, steps or floor lighting. They also work especially well in areas that are hard to reach with central or wall lights. They also look very pretty around glass and mirrors, particularly if you want to amplify the amount of light they give off.

You can learn more about the costs and benefits of G4 LED lighting in your kitchen when you visit LightRabbit and click through our selection of high quality LED light bulbs.

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