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Light emitting diodes, or LEDs, are quickly becoming the lighting choice of households across the world. Although previously slow to crack the lighting market, and far outsold by incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, LED lighting options have finally become appreciated as one of the best energy saving lighting sources available.

One reason LEDs were slow in coming to the forefront of the industry was because the inner workings were not understood by the general public. LEDs convert energy to illumination by using the movement of electrons to create photons. When an LED light is connected to a power source, the electrons begin to move. The resulting photons, the foundation unit of light energy, are what create the light.

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LEDs require much less energy to operate, with an efficiency rate of up to 1,000% higher than that of incandescent lights. They are also long lasting and can last for as long as twenty years or more. LED light bulbs are cooler to the touch than traditional light bulbs because they release less heat energy. They can also come in varying colours and lighting styles. This innovative light source comes in various formats, such as traditional screw in light bulbs, lighting strips, and flashlights.

To get the highest performance from LED lighting sources, the correct LED adapters must be used with illumination sources using LEDs. LEDs are more efficient when they are operated by a power supply that is constant and identical for each segment, if using a strip of LEDs. If they do not receive a constant current, they may stop operating and begin to fade.

The variety of LED strip light adapters available on the market allows options for LED lighting users which may be overwhelming. After making the initial investment in LED lighting, you want to make sure to protect that investment with the proper care and accessories. At LightRabbit, we can help walk you through your LED adapter needs to make sure you get exactly what your LED lighting needs to operate at its maximum capabilities. We are the premier seller of LED lighting and LED adapters in the UK, and provide a high quality service

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