The Homeowner’s Guide to Energy Saving LED Bulbs

Energy Saving LED Bulbs

If you have moved into a new home, you probably have had new LED's fitted, but if you live in an older house you will benefit from converting your existing traditional bulbs to modern LED bulbs. We offer the widest range of LED bulbs, all you need to do is check your bulb fittings and get LED equivalent bulbs which directly replace your old light bulbs. If you have Dimmer Switches LightRabbit will assist you in ensuring you buy the right kind of bulb which is compatible with the dimmers you have. Here are some tips to help you understand energy saving bulbs and which work best in your home.

A Bayonet LED Bulb for Every Shade

A Bayonet for Every Shade

6w B22 Filament LED

8w B22 Filament LED >

5w B22 Silverline Golf LED

5w B22 Silverline Golf LED >

5w B22 Silverline Candle LED

5w B22 Silverline Candle LED >

9w B22 Corn LED

9w B22 Corn LED >

B22 LED bulbs are also known as Bayonet Caps and are perhaps the most common fitting in most homes. Our LED replacements can last up to 50 times longer than traditional halogen bulbs and will fit into existing bayonet fittings. If you buy from LightRabbit you can also choose between a variety of shapes from classic to candle. These bulbs are available in varying brightness and colour temperature to suit your requirements. If you have small bayonets, visit our B15 LED section where you will find the replacement you need.

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Know your E14s LED from your E27s LED

E14 LED Bulbs for ChandeliersE14 LED Bulbs for Side Lamps

E14 for Recessed Lighting

4w E14 Filament Candle LED

4w E14 Filament Candle LED >

4.5w E14 60SMD LED

4.5w E14 60SMD LED >

5w E27 Filament LED

5w E27 Filament LED >

7w E27 R63™ Reflector LED

7w E27 R63™ Reflector LED >

E14 LED Bulbs or Small Edison Screw, are another common light fitting for residential home use. Mainly they fit Chandelier and Sconce Lighting and also Side Lamps. However, they can be the right fitting for some recessed lighting or "spotlights". These are available from LightRabbit in a number of combinations depending on your preference - dimmable or non dimmable, cool white or warm white, high brightness or low brightness, candle or golf - whatever the ambient requirements of your home, we have the E14 for you.

E27 LED Bulbs or Edison Screw, is available in a variety of different styles and variations. These energy saving bulbs have a larger screw cap than E14 bulbs and are likely to be used for lighting applications such as Pendant Lights, Standard Lamps, larger Side Lamps and some Recessed Lighting. Again, LightRabbit has E27 LED Bulbs available in different shape, brightness, colour temperature and dimmable options.

Add That Decorative Touch

G4 LED BulbsG4 LED Bulbs

2.4w G4 High Power LED Disc

2.4w G4 High Power LED Disc >

1.5w 340° CREE G4 LED Bulb

1.5w 340° CREE G4 LED Bulb >

3.5w 27xSMD G4 LED Bulb

3.5w 27xSMD G4 LED Bulb >

2w 360° 48xSMD G4 LED Bulb

2w 360° 48xSMD G4 LED Bulb >

G4 LED Bulbs are ideal for residential and commercial applications. G4 Bulbs are used for G4 Lamps, Downlights and especially G4 Accent or Decorative lighting. They are available in warm and cool white options with massive beam angles for proper illumination and precision, whether you need lighting for general home use or for commercial purposes.

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The Great LED Outdoors

Outdoor LED Lighting

27w IP65 LED Working Light

27w IP65 LED Working Light >

30w Slimline LED Floodlight

30w LED Floodlight >

20w LED Portable Floodlight

20w LED Portable Floodlight >

10m LED Outdoor String Lights

10m LED Outdoor String Lights >

Of course, sometimes you need lighting outside of your home. And, depending on the amount of light you need, you could already be spending a fair amount on your Flood Lights or Garden Lighting. These days you can take your pick from a number of different LEDs, which are perfect for making your home more secure or providing illumination for an evening barbeque. There are even spotlights you can buy to light up outdoor entertainment areas or enhance your garden.

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Read more LED Lighting Help and Advice in our Buying Guides Section by clicking here or check out which LED bulbs you need with our handy LED Bulb Base Selector Page by clicking here. You can find more specific domestic LED light bulb advice by clicking here.

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