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Government Green Deal Offers Incentive To Go Green With Home Improvements

The Green Deal is a government incentive that has been designed to encourage homeowners to use environmentally friendly products when they update or make home improvements. Tenants, homeowners, and landlords can all benefit from this new scheme. Following a Green Deal assessment you will be able to borrow as much as £10,000 for environmentally friendly home improvements and the repayments will be added to your energy bill so that you don’t have to use your savings or wait years before you can afford major changes like wall and loft insulation.

Borrow Money With The Green Deal

The Green Deal is not a grant because you will borrow the money from a lender and will be expected to repay the amount over time, with interest. However, the incentive has been set up so that homeowners do not have to save up the money that is required to pay for typically expensive improvements like wall or loft insulation.

Having Your Home Assessed

You will initially need to meet with a Green Deal service provider, so an insulation fitter or a DIY shop owner and they will determine the financial and environmental merits of having such features in your home. If there is substantial enough gain to be made through the addition of insulation or any of a number of other energy saving changes then you will be given the opportunity to go ahead with the Green Deal finance agreement.

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Those That Benefit

Anybody that owns or rents property can benefit from this scheme. Over time, new additions like triple glazing or cavity wall insulation will pay for themselves as you save money on heating and other energy bills. If you are a landlord and include energy bills within the monthly rental payment then you can pay for major projects over a period of time. If you are a tenant who will be sticking around for several years it could even benefit you by reducing the amount you spend on energy over time.

Fractional Gains

Insulation is the current government’s big initiative and by pushing this to homeowners they hope to greatly decrease the amount of energy that typical homes consume. It is well known that big changes like the addition of insulation can really help to improve the energy efficiency of a property but there are many other, often smaller changes that can add up to equal still sizeable savings and energy reductions.

Energy Saving LED Lighting

Lighting is one area where homes will typically consume a lot more energy than is strictly necessary. Swapping existing bulbs for highly efficient LED lights can reduce your energy bill considerably over time. By making this reduction against your monthly energy bill it means that brand new LED lights could help offset the amount you pay each month for your energy and the repayment of the Green Deal loan.

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Energy Saving Products Included In The Green Deal

  • Many types of energy saving initiative and plan are included in the Green Deal incentive plan from heating systems to new glazing and more.
  • Heating products like new cavity wall or loft insulation, a replacement boiler, or even underfloor heating and a new boiler may make you eligible to borrow money through the new government backed plan. So too can radiant heating systems, new and improved heating controls, and warm air units.
  • Cavity wall, floor, and loft insulation along with draught proofing, heating system insulation, flat roof insulation are some of the most common and effective ways that you can insulate a home and if you are considering any of these then they make you eligible to take part in the new Green Deal.
  • Microgeneration plants, such as biomass or solar PC tiles, source heat pumps, and micro-wind power units not only help reduce your energy spend but they provide you with a viable means of being able to produce your own energy for use in your own home.
  • Other potential products that may make you eligible for the loan include new glazing, ventilation and air conditioning controls, hot water controls, solar blinds, solar collectors, and waste water heat recovery devices that attach to showers.

What’s more, you can even include high quality, energy saving LED lights from LightRabbit. Our lights not only rely on low energy consumption but they are great looking and provide top quality lighting too. 

The Green Deal Initiative

There are many great new products and innovative energy saving solutions on the market today and some may prove beneficial for use in your home. If you wish to borrow the money required to begin a large project like cavity wall insulation or even under floor heating then you should have your home and your plans assessed for inclusion in the government backed Green Deal incentive.

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