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The E14, or small Edison screw, is a specialty fitting in the UK and has a 14mm screw base, using the screw fit system initiated by Thomas Edison. Despite being a speciality fitting in the UK this LED light bulb is available in cool or light tones, and a number of styles.

E14's Provides Versatile LED Lighting

  • To show you just how versatile it is, we’ve put a few of its biggest selling points together:
  • You can purchase LED bulbs that are dimmable or non-dimmable
  • This LED lighting fits your existing fittings
  • It is available with massive beam angles of 360º
  • It is available in a range of wattages from 2W to 12W (replacements for standard 25W t0 120W)

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The E14 is Fashionable

Update your Chandelier Fittings with LED Candle BulbsUpdate your lighting with E14 LED Bulbs

The versatility doesn’t end there either. This UK LED light bulb is also available in a wide variety of styles, making it suitable for any room of the house and any interior lighting application. Candle shaped or chandelier bulbs add a touch of class while a candle flame can give the illusion of warmth. For those who are more traditionally minded but appreciate the energy saving capability of UK LED light bulbs will probably fall for the classic bulb.

High Quality without the Toxicity

Because there is no filament and no release of halogen gas, these LED bulbs are significantly less toxic for the environment.

Choose Between Warm and Cool Light

Choose Warm White for a golden glowChoose Cool White for a brighter light

You can spend a small fortune on interior design but ultimately it’s the tone of the light bulbs you use that is going to create an ambience that is pleasant to be in. E14 is available in both cool and warm tones, which gives you more control over the kind of mood you set in each room of your home.

  • The warm lights on offer at LightRabbit give off a golden glow and are more relaxing on the eye. While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to lighting, warm tones are typically used in rooms you want to relax in, such as a lounge area or bedroom.
  • Cool lighting is generally applied to areas where natural light is scarce. It is used typically in rooms that require greater visibility, such as bathrooms and offices. For those who want to kit their office spaces out with LED lighting, the E14 lasts around 50 times longer than its halogen counterpart and it is safer for the environment and the people sitting in the room.
    • Replaces
    • 40W
    • Replaces
    • 40W
    • Replaces
    • 40W
    • Replaces
    • 40W

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