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LED Garden Lighting

Creating the ideal garden for the ultimate experience in relaxation and beauty can be made easy with LED lighting options. LEDs provide cost effective ways to highlight the time you spend outdoors with your family, in an energy efficient way that helps you to preserve more natural resources than just those in your garden.

LED lighting conserves around 75% more energy than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. They can also last for around 50,000 or more hours. Even with the substantial initial financial investment in purchasing LEDs, the cost is considerably less than that of using and replacing traditional light bulbs.

In building an LED light bulb or other LED options lit garden, you can choose from various innovative designs. LED strip lighting is durable and comes in different colours to match any garden palette. These are less fragile than other lighting sources, and can withstand the weather better.

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Also, LEDs do not produce the same plant damaging heat that other lighting can, so it is gentler on the fauna. Without this heat, they are also safer for children and pets, because they are relatively cool to the touch. There is less danger of fire because LEDs operate on lower wattage.

Garden or outdoor LEDs can be used to outline garden spaces, or to accent certain aspects of your outdoor space. They can also be used to create euphoric visions with waterfalls or fountains, and swimming pool areas. Walkways and stairs can be outlined with LED lighting, creating pleasing images and safety.

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Outdoor LED Lighting

Our experienced staff at LightRabbit has helped customers customize their living spaces with LED lighting for several years. We know your LED lighting needs and enjoy helping homeowners in the UK and Ireland use LED lighting to transform their spaces with cost efficient LED lighting and accessories.

Let us help you to create the garden of your dreams. We are well equipped to provide you with all of your LED lighting needs, with every accessory imaginable. Call us today to start saving money and creating an energy efficient home that you will be proud to live in for years to come.

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