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LightRabbit is an online LED Supplier dedicated to making the world brighter and greener, one LED bulb at a time — but not just through our online store.Why are we determined to help make the world brighter and greener? The planet we live on, and more inclusively, the country we live in is filled with natural beauty, breathtaking sights, and resources that are necessary for our survival.  With more than 64 million citizens in the UK alone, there are many people living, thriving, and leaving their carbon footprint wherever they go.Click here to view our entire range of LED GU10 Lamps / Bulbs

Our mission at Light Rabbit is to help reduce the Britain’s carbon footprint by providing them with sustainable, high quality lighting options. These options will reduce the amount of energy consumed by each household and business, which can aide in reducing overall annual energy costs by up to 90%. Light Rabbit LEDs help save the environment, and help save on overall costs.

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Because we at LightRabbit believe in the bright light of giving and living green, we’ve donated a number of LED bulbs and supplies to Transition Bath, a Bath-localised voluntary environmental organisation who aim to build a sustainable future through harnessing the power of community to rally together against the declining natural resources and increasing living costs.

TransitionBath.orgTransition Bath’s voluntary operations are delegated into three groups; The energy group, food group, and transportation and building group. Light Rabbit has gladly volunteered to donate LED bulbs and supplies to the Energy Group to provide them with the green lighting they need to support their LED lighting replacement project.

This project aims to replace the old, ineffective, high energy consuming halogen bulbs of every home and business in Bath with cost-effective, high quality, energy efficient LED bulbs.

To learn more about Transition Bath and their programs, visit their website by heading over to To learn more about Light Rabbit, our products, our policies, and our passion for green living, visit our website here.

If you’d like to know more about how an LED light bulbs can save you money, brighten your home or office, or add character to your décor, visit LightRabbit to see our supply of LED bulbs. LightRabbit is the #1 LED bulb supplier in the UK and Ireland. Contact us today to get your LED bulbs!

Light Rabbit, along with Transition Bath, is working to make the UK a brighter, greener place to live.

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