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One of the most popular outdoor sports among coastal dwellers is boating. Everything from yachts to schooners to catamarans are floating, sailing, and flying across the water. Many of the ships and boats in UK harbours and at local club docks use some form of lighting to make the deep, dark recesses of the boat interiors bright and safe. Traditionally, ships that left the UK for parts unknown were lit using candles and lanterns. Fire plus wooden hull often equaled trouble. Luckily, advancements in fireproofing and lighting technology have created much safer water bound vessels.

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Sailors, boating enthusiasts, sport fishermen, and yacht owners are learning that lighting is important, especially during storms. Halogen light bulbs produce very little actual light, break easily, and can malfunction when they’re needed most. An alternative to hapless halogens are MR16 LED bulbs. The MR16 LED bulb is designed for use in downlight fixtures, especially in small, compact spaces.

This 12 volt LED consumes less electricity than a halogen, but puts out more light. How is that possible? The LED microchip technology reduces that amount of energy needed to produce light which means that even the storm hits the ship and energy reserves become precious, the MR16 LEDs can stay on without draining much needed energy from radio or emergency systems.

Not only are MR16 LED bulbs practical, efficient, and durable they are also long lasting. A typical LED will last for more than 50,000 of continuous use, so even if you live on your boat, your LED bulb can last at least 5 years. When you have to replace the bulbs less, you will actually save money – even after the initial investment to purchase the bulb.

LightRabbit is the UK and Ireland’s premier MR16 LED supplier and distributor. Our selection of high quality MR16 LEDs include LEDs in warm, natural, and cool colour temperatures, so you can choose the intensity of the light in your boat cabin areas.

If you’d like to learn more about the efficiency and technology of the MR16 LED Bulb, contact your trusted LED lighting specialist at LightRabbit. Our customer service representatives are available to chat, answer emails, and take your calls. Contact us today and get started on brightening your life with the crisp white light of the MR16 LED

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