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Find Coloured LED Strip Lights in White, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Pink & More...

Browse the best range of Coloured LED Striplights & Colourful Tape LED Lights on sale in the UK today. All our coloured LED Light Strips come with a 2-Year Guarantee, a 3M Self Adhesive backing & are available as rolls or kits or can be cut into sections as desired. Choose from the cheapest priced & highest quality LED light strips here at UK suppliers LightRabbit® & get ready to save up to 90% on your lighting bills with our range of low energy, long lasting LED range.

Simply Contact the Lightrabbit® customer support team for more info on any of the LED Striplights, LED Striplight drivers, transformer, controllers, dimmers or connectors found below...

Single Colour LED Tape & Accessories

Here at LightRabbit® we feel particularly proud of the part we have played as we are the UK and Ireland’s supplier of replacement LED bulbs and lamps, and we aim to make the nation’s switch easy as possible. We have a large collection of single colour LED strip lighting for our customers which comes in a variety of colours, sizes and wattages. We have the greatest confidence that everyone will find something to suit their LED lighting and single colour LED tape, needs with us.

For high quality ultra-bright waterproof single colour LED strip lights, turn to us here at LightRabbit®, as they can make a great addition for indoor use either at home or in the office. Our single colour LED tape lighting instantly provides a bright continuous light which is perfect for sign lighting, cupboard and cabinets, edge lighting for steps, door frames and shelves, so feel free to get creative as the list is endless and they come in a multitude of colours.

If you have been looking for single colour strip LED lighting then our products here at LightRabbit® are perfect for you. We provide our customers with single colour LED strips that are protected as the LEDs are sealed and set into a waterproof silicone resin rated at IP65. Our single colour strips come in a flexible design which offers the highest intensity, brightness and even distribution of light, perfect for any application you desire.

Long Lasting Single Colour LED Strip

At LightRabbit® we take great pride knowing that our single colour LED tape lighting is not only cost effective but incredibly environmentally friendly too. By making the switch to LED today, you will be able to conserve energy and have bulbs that are guaranteed a long life. The average lifespan of our lightbulbs last for around 45,000 hours.

We have everything you need to suit your home including light socket adapters and single colour strips that can create large colour-changing LED installation; if you invest in our lighting you will be able to set the mood for any event. If you are worried about making the switch, there is no need to be as our lighting strips feature a self-adhesive backing to make for an easy installation so the transition is the easiest it has ever been.


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