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Find RGB LED Strips & Colour Changing LED Strip Lights & Kits on Sale

Browse the best range of Colour Changing LED Striplights & Coloured Tape LED Lights on sale in the UK today. All our LED Light Strips come with a 2-Year Guarantee, Free Delivery, a 3M Self Adhesive backing & are available as rolls or kits or can be cut into sections as desired. Choose from the cheapest priced & highest quality LED light Strips here at UK suppliers LightRabbit® & get ready to save up to 90% on your lighting bills with our range of low energy, long lasting LED range.

Simply Contact the Lightrabbit® customer support team for more info on any of the LED Striplights, LED Striplight drivers, transformer, controllers, dimmers or connectors found below...

Light Up Your Cabinets With RGB LED Tape

LED lighting has led to a complete revolution in the way we light our homes. Not only are these impressive pieces of lighting technology 90% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, but they last up to 25 times longer too. A big part of the reason behind this is that they don’t warm up with use – traditional incandescent bulbs lose around 90% of their energy as heat – LED lights lose as little as 5%.

Because of this, LED lighting can be used in ways that were never thought possible with traditional lighting. Colour changing RGB tape, for example, simply would not be possible without the ultra-efficient modern LED technology. This technology can be used to completely change the way you light your home – all you need is a roll of RGB LED tape, a transformer and a little imagination.

Change The Way You Light Your Home With Our RGB LED Strip

With its low weight, waterproof nature and self-adhesive backing, this colour changing RGB tape is perfect for those normally hard to light areas. Wardrobes, cupboards and even door frames can be illuminated using these highly versatile RGB LED tape strips, in all the colours you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for Rainbow Touch controls or dimmable options, we have all of the RGB LED strip products you’ll need right here at LightRabbit® today.

RGB LED strip is not only easy to install, but can be cut by hand too, making it ideal for any application you can think of, from illuminating a trophy cabinet to being centre stage on your latest art project. The only things you need to be aware of are the length and width of the RGB strip, the size of the chips you’re looking for, and the density of the chips on the RGB strip. Here at LightRabbit® all of our RGB LED strip comes with a high density of 60 LEDs per metre, whether you’re looking for large or small chips. This ensures that whatever size you’re looking for, you’ll always be left with the optimal lighting levels with your colour changing RGB tape.

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