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Buy LED Strip Light Transformers, Remotes, Accessories & Amplifiers as well as Power Adaptors, Mains Transformers, Dimmer Switches & Extensions for All Types of LED Strip & Tape Lighting below.

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Lightrabbit® carry a large assortment of LED Strip Light accessories including RGB amplifiers & controllers, power adapters, mains transformers, wire leads and connectors for your LED Strip Lights.

These accessories can be used on selected LightRabbit's® LED Strip products. Below are the newest LED Lighting products here at LightRabbit® so be sure to check back frequently or contact our customer support team as we are constantly adding the newest and most up to date LED Lighting products for our happy customers...

Extend your Lighting with LED Strip Light Connectors

Here at LightRabbit® we stock a huge range of LED strips to suit your every lighting need. These waterproof, self-adhesive strips of LED tape allow you to completely redefine the way you light your home, opening up a world of possibilities for lighting those hard to reach areas. Whether you’re looking to light the inside of your wardrobe when you open the door, light up your cupboards when you reach for a glass, or anything in-between, our huge range of LED strip light accessories & connectors is here to help.

While setting up these light strips is incredibly easy, even for beginners, we realise that many people don’t quite realise what they need before they begin – after all, it’s not often that people set up this kind of lighting in the home. That’s why we’ve pooled all of our LED strip light accessories & connectors under a single page – this is where you’ll find everything you need to make the most of your new LED lighting today.

Update your Lighting with LED Strip Light Accessories

Unfortunately Getting your new strip lights to work is slightly more complicated than screwing in a bulb. Rather than connecting these lights to the ceiling, the vast majority of people power their LED strip lights through a standard 3-pin wall socket. This is why the most important LED strip light accessories & connectors are always your power packs – you can plug your LEDs into your mains and power them from your normal wall socket. From here, the next type of LED strip light accessories you’ll need to look into is your RGB LED remote control – as with our ceiling lights, this will allow you to change the colour of your LED strip lights to match your mood at just the click of a button. Some of these are dimmable, others are not – we have a huge selection to match your exact needs, all at the most competitive prices.

If you would prefer to wire your LED directly into your mains, this is entirely possible too. This is a lot more complicated than using a 3-pin socket, however, and should be carried out by a qualified electrician. If this is something you would like to do, you will need LED strip light connectors like the transformers you will find on this page – just remember that you’ll get the best results by installing the transformer as close to the LED tape as possible. You can achieve this using our 5m LED strip light connectors and extension cables.

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