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If you have held off converting all the lights in your home because you find LEDs too modern-looking, you’ll be pleased to know that there are manufacturers who are producing energy-efficient lighting solutions for decorative light fittings. We took a look at two different products, from Kosnic and LightRabbit, which have both been created to bring a touch of class and a hint of tradition to the interior of the home. We rated them on aesthetics, performance and price.

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The Kosnic candle

Kosnic 2w LED CandleKosnic’s contribution is a 2W LED KTC candle, which is ideal for use in chandeliers in dining rooms and entrance halls. It has a traditional candle, or bulb shape casing the LED bulb and offering the classic look with the contemporary benefits of energy efficiency and power savings.

The Kosnic LED fits into an E14 base and allows you to invite people into a warm and welcoming space, while saving up to 85% in your power costs, and without compromising on the quality of your light. You can expect savings of up to 85% with this product, which also enables you to go green, featuring no mercury or UV output. It is also a very high quality light, delivering full light at the flick of a switch and without any flickering.



The LightRabbit candle

LightRabbit LED Candle Bulbs

If, however, you are looking for a more cost effective option, LightRabbit carries candle LED light bulbs of a range of wattages and are available in warm white and cool white. Also known as LED candles, these bulbs can be used in chandeliers and traditional light fittings. They also have wide beam angles ranging from 180° to 360°, and are shaped like LEDs but use very little power and give off little to no heat.

LightRabbit has a slightly more energy efficient candle, offering savings of up to 90% on your power consumption, so the initial cost of buying the bulbs, no matter the size of your chandelier, will be repaid quite quickly on converting.

LightRabbit also offer a comprehensive guarantee on our LED lighting, as well as a 90 day no quibble returns policy. This, combined with its easy-to-navigate and highly informative website, make it an ideal energy saving LED for any decorative fitting in the home. And, with an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours, it outperforms most of the competition in its class. If you are shopping on a tighter budget and want to make the conversion as cost effective as possible, these bulbs are extremely well priced and are protected by warranties, and well worth a try.

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