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Buy LED Spotlights & LED Spot Light Bulbs on Sale. We supply a range of LED Spotlight Bulbs suitable for Ceilings & Recessed LED Downlight Fittings (inc. 12v Spots) as well as LED Spot Lamps for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Living-rooms & Outdoors.

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Energy Efficient LED Spotlight Bulbs

Our wide range of LED Spotlights bulbs includes dimmable and non-dimmable options – all at the best prices. LED spotlights help you save money, and we offer a five year guarantee and fast UK delivery with same day dispatch.

Our LED Spotlights come in a wide range of fitments including GU10 LED spotlight bulbs, MR16 LED spotlight bulbs, MR11 LED spotlight bulbs, G9 LED spotlight bulbs and G4 LED spotlight bulbs and each spotlight fitment has a range of wattage, light and lumen output to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for home spotlights for your reading corner, or spotlights to show your achievements and awards at the office or in commercial premises, we’re here to help.

Our LED Spotlights Are Right For You...

Our LED spotlight bulbs are not only far more energy efficient than incandescent and halogen spotlights, they last significantly longer too. Unlike the old incandescent lightbulbs which produce light by passing electricity through a tungsten filament, putting out a huge amount of light as a side-effect of the heat generated through resistance. Our modern LED spotlight bulbs convert electricity straight into light by passing it through a semiconductor inside the bulb, leaving you with a highly efficient spotlight which uses up to 90% less energy than a standard incandescent bulb. This means a massive saving of up to 90% on your monthly lighting bill.

Learn more about LED lighting in our Help and Advice section, you can also calculate your electricity savings with our handy app.

Dimmable LED Spotlights for the Modern Home or Office

Fortunately switching to LED lighting has never been easier. Our highly efficient LED spotlight bulbs fit into all your existing light fixtures, meaning that all you have to replace is your old, inefficient lights. Simply plug your new LED lamps into the light fixtures you have in your home or office and flick the switch, and you’ll be saving money from Day One. Of course, if you’re looking for modern spotlights which have all the functionality of modern dimmable lights, we’re here to help. Unlike halogen lights which take a while to heat up, our dimmable LED spotlights can turn on and off instantly, giving you total control over how bright you want your spotlights to be. Check out our range of LED Dimmer Switches which can be used with our LED bulbs.

If you have any questions about our energy efficient and dimmable LED spotlights, or any of the other LED products we supply here at LightRabbit, make sure you contact a member of our team on 0203 327 2931.

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