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Solar - 5 Watt GU10 LED Bulb - 5 Pack

  • 50W replacement
  • Dimmable
  • Narrow Beam Angle

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90% energy saving
30 year lifespan
5 Year Warranty
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460 Lm
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50W Replace
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Yes Dimmable
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    The Solar v.2 GU10 LED lamps feature 5 individual high quality 5050SMD LEDs that emit a total light output of 460Lm. They're intelligently designed to considerably reduce energy consumption by up to 90% and are available in both Warm and Cool white options. When ordering these particular lamps you will see they are only available in a dimmable option. This means they are fully compatible with both dimmable and non-dimmable applications. Using only 5 watts of power these are by far our most energy efficient bulbs available and equivalent in brightness to a 50 watt bulb.

    These GU10 lamps feature a 45-degree beam angle; comparable to the standard halogens you maybe replacing. A smaller beam angle is obviously going to concentrate the light output when compared with a much larger beam angle. These bulbs will install into any GU10 socket with an input voltage between AC175-265V and is designed for any domestic, commercial or retail installations. They use only 8% of the energy when compared to the older style bulbs, thereby offering significant savings that consumers simply cannot ignore.

    Lasting 50,000 hours compared to a halogen lamp which only lasts a measly 2000 hours, LED lamps usually pay for themselves within six months of installation. Homeowners and businesses can now go years without the hassle of having to change bulbs. These LED equivalents feature shock and vibration resistant technology, there is no filament to ever burnout so they run considerably cooler than standard filament bulbs.


    Main Features:

    •  5 individual high quality 5050 SMD chips, 45 degree beam angle
    •  Cost Effective Energy Savings within 6 months of installation
    •  30-year Average Lifespan (6-year Lifespan when left on 24/7)
    •  Consume 10% of the energy used by traditional light bulbs
    •  LED bulbs do not contain a filament that can easily be damaged
    •  No start-up delay or flickering, normal brightness when electrified.
    •  Environmentally Friendly - LED bulbs contain no Glass or Mercury

    PLEASE NOTE: Dimming LED Lamps?

    Non-dimmable LED lamps cannot be dimmed. Should you fit a dimmer to non-dimmable LED’s then damage to the dimmer, lamps or both will occur.

    Mains voltage dimmable LED light bulbs can be dimmed using an ordinary resistive dimmer. LED lamps are an attractive proposition as they consume very low wattage's and are very energy efficient. This can cause problems when choosing the correct dimmer.

    If you have a few LED lamps to dim, then the total wattage will not be enough to load the dimmer. For example, four 5w LED lamps in a small room will only total 20w whilst the minimum load on a 250w dimmer is 25w. This means that the dimmer will simply not work. In these circumstances a low load dimmer rated at 5 – 50w would be required.

    Under normal circumstances, so long as the minimum load is exceeded, dimming mains voltage LED lamps is not an issue so long as the minimum load is observed.

    Dimming low voltage LED lamps is also easily achieved by either dimming the driver on the primary (mains) side or on the secondary (low voltage) side. Of the two, primary side dimming is the more desirable and the easiest to achieve. The LED driver would need to be of a constant current type and dimmable.

    Dimming most domestic light fittings is relatively simple but you must ensure that you select the correct dimming module for the task. We supply all available types of dimmers in every finish available to match your existing switches and sockets. Should you wish to purchase a dimmer together with your lamps we are more than happy to advise you and assist in its selection to ensure that you get it right first time!


Tech Specs

Tech Specs
Operation Mains
Lumens 460
Light Colour Cool White / Warm White
Type LED
Base GU10 - twist & lock
Average Life 50,000 Hours
Equivalent To 50W
Input Voltage AC175-265V
Dimmable YES
Dimensions 50*66mm
Wattage 5W
Beam angle 45°
Cut-Out 50mm
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