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40W Ultra-Slim LED Panel Light - 600 x 600mm

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3200 Lumens 200W Replacement NO Dimmable 40W Wattage 120° Beam Angle

Uses 90% less energy

Lasts up to 30 years

5 Years Warranty

£ 28.00

Price Inc. VAT

RRP £119.99 You save £76.66 (77%)

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Warm White is similar to conventional lighting and has a softer feel. - Perfect for areas such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Cool White is a brighter, whiter light. - More suited for the Bathroom and Kitchen

Natural White Non Dimmable £28.00

Cool White Non Dimmable £28.00

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Based on your bulb selction today:

SAVE £700.80 per year*

on your lighting bill

*Based on 8 hours use per day and 10 lights
  • RRP
    IP Rating
    Light Colour
    Cool White (6000K) / Natural White (4000k)
    Average Life
    50,000 Hours
    Equivalent To
    Input Voltage
    CE / ROHS
    Beam angle
    Panel Light
  • Product Description

    The Lightwell flat panel LED light is suitable 600x600 suspended ceilings making it ideal for commercial premises in need of an ultra slim, high powered lighting solution such as offices, factories, supermarkets and store displays. (Physical dimentions are 595mm x 595mm and suitable for recessed ceiling panels in suspended ceilings or surface mounted with our surface mount kit)

    The unit uses standard mains input voltage and consume 40 Watts whilst still producing 3200 lumens of evenly distributed light with an efficiency of 80Lm/W. This is equivalent to a 200W incandescent thus making the Lightwell LED Panel incredibly energy efficient generating saving on both your energy bill and helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.

    These panels are supplied with a driver and are ready to be wired into the mains. The Lightwell LED Panel has a selection of fittings such as suspension cables and surface mounting kits. Click here to see our selection.

    Our LED Panels are IP51 rated and is built in a robust frame - It can withstand dust and condensation. Please see our blog on IP ratings for more information.

    Once installed, your new panel lights will effectively pay for itself within 6 months, recovering the cost from the savings on your energy consumption and with an average lifespan of up to 30 years, it will also eliminate the cost of relamping and the associated maintenance cost.

    Our Panels are available in Natural White and Cool White colour temperature.

    Call our Trade Desk on 0800 080 3201 for high volume pricing.


  • Additional Information

    Here at LightRabbit we offer dimmable and non dimmable lights please select the appropriate one for your needs.

    Although the lamps and bulbs on offer at LightRabbit do work with most dimmer switches; they might not work with all… If you need any advice on this please call our Customer Service team on the number above and they will be happy to give you advice and whether the LED bulbs you are suitable.

    If you are Not Sure if you need warm white or cool white? Check out our page on the difference between the two styles of lighting choice and see what would suit your needs best.

    If you are unsure if this is the correct bulb for you? Check out our Bulb Selector Page before purchasing. Please check your existing/new fittings to ensure these bulbs are suitable for your requirements as some are larger than standard Halogen Bulbs.

    All orders of LED Bulbs and Lamps at LightRabbit;reg& have a market leading 28 Day Money Back Guarantee and we give all our customers a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on all LED Bulbs purchased from us. This gives you the opportunity to try our LED bulbs and provides you with the peace of mind in our guarantee of quality.

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40W Ultra-Slim LED Panel Light - 600 x 600mm

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Can the LED 40 watt panel light be fitted direct on ceiling . These are for a residential large double garage to replace 2x100 watt fluoresent

Hello, You can fit this direct to the ceilign if you purchase the surface mounted brackets from our panel section. Thank you,

Hi, Item: SKU PAN/595/40W Do this item come with all the items shown in pictures LED panel, Mounting unit, suspension kit etc or can you send me a picture for what is included Thanks

Hello, The panel and the transformer is what you recieve in the box, if you are not fitting the panel into 600x600 suspended ceilings we sell different mounting options for the panel in our panel section. Thank you,

does this require a driver or is the unit ready to connect to a mains source ?

Hello, This unit is supplied as the LED panel with the driver included, ready to be installed into a suspended ceilings and wired into the mains. Further brackets and mounts are visible on our panel section. Thank you,

Looking to buy 4x 40W Ultra Slim Led Panel lights 600x600 @ £29.99 each. However I need the surface mount kit for each as going on a flat ceiling rather than a suspended ceiling but can't find what I need...? Please advise.

Hello, We have surface brackets here: And a box mount here: Thank you,

I haven't heard of an IP rating of 51 before. Can you tell me what that is please

Hello, The IP rating of 51 means that the panel is protected from dust and condensation. Thank you,

could you tell me the weight of your 40W Ultra-Slim LED Panel Light-600 x 600mm

Hello, Thank you for your question, including the driver the 40w panel weighs 3Kg. Thank you,

what colour temp is what you call natural white? is it daylight?

Hello, Colour of light is rated in kelvin, Warm white is 3000k, Natural white is 4500k and Cool white is 6500k. Thank you.

Are these supplied with a 12v transformer?

Hello, The driver supplied with this light is specific to the panel at over 30v. Thank you.

What sort of connectors are on this panel and is the back of the panel flat or does it have raised boxes/ transformers etc?

Hello. The back of this panel is flat and has a transformer on the cable running from it. Thank you,

Can you tell me please does the 600x600 40watt slimline light panel come with built in fire exit green lights or is there another product that does. Thanks T.W

Hi T.W. These particular lights are standard fittings without an emergency pack but we are able to supply a number of solutions depending on your specific requirements. Our customer service department is experienced in assisting with emergency lighting and will be able to help you chooses the right solution. Just call 0800 080 3201 for further help.

How are the 600x600 panels attached to ceiling etc? What hardware is needed?

Hi and thanks for your question. We stock many types of ceiling mounts and suspension kits. We have a solution for any installation and the various fixing options are listed on the Light Panel category. Alternatively call us on 0800 080 3201 for help selecting the right solution.

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