40W LED Panel Light - 600x600 mm

40W LED Panel Light - 600x600 mm 4.8 50
  • Replaces
  • 200W
90% energy saving
30 year lifespan
5 Year Warranty

40W LED Panel Light - 600x600 mm

SKU: PAN/595/40W
  • 200W Watt replacement
  • Wide Beam Angle
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3200 Lm 200W replace No Dimmable 40W 120°
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  • The stylish compact Lightwell 40W LED light panel has been designed and manufactured to be ideal for use in commercial premises that need bright, natural and highly efficient lighting. Whether the light panel is to be used in offices or workspaces, factories, retail environments or supermarkets, it offers a low energy yet highly efficient lighting solution. With physical dimensions of 595x595mm, the lightweight unit can be used in 600x600mm suspended ceilings, suspension kit, or the ceiling mount that we are able to supply and are sold separately. Further accessories can be viewed on the LED Panel page

    The LED light panel uses standard mains input voltage, making installation and come supplied with a driver making them ready to be installed into the mains electrics prior to use. Consuming just 40 watts of energy the efficient LEDs provide an impressive 3200 lumens of bright, evenly distributed light that provides safe and efficient lighting suitable for use in commercial environments. The equivalent of 200W of lighting from traditional tube lighting is provided by the LED panel, with an impressive efficiency of 80Lm/W.

    LED lights are incredibly energy efficient. The evenly distributed light means that these lights can be used effectively either alone or in groups to create a comfortable, well lit environment with no supplemental lighting requirement to illuminate your commercial space. The lighting will help reduce the carbon footprint of your business, helping you to become more eco-friendly and 'green'. In recent times, there has been an emphasis on businesses reducing their carbon footprint and becoming more energy efficient and these lights will go a long way to helping you meet these recommendations. Customers are beginning to place a lot of emphasis on businesses being eco friendly, and using the Lightwell LED Panel Lights will help your business to become more environmentally friendly while improving light quality all whilst saving money at the same time.

    The Lightwell 40W LED panel is rated IP51. The IP ratings chart can be found here for reference. The lights are dust protected, with the panel preventing the ingress of any dust that is sufficient to cause harm to the unit. This makes them effective for use in environments where there may be an excess level of dust in the environment, such as timber factories or manufacturing premises. They are protected against vertically dripping water and condensation, but are not otherwise water resistant, so need to be used in environments with a normal level of humidity and where they will not be exposed to excess levels of water. This makes them ideal for standard office spaces and general commercial units.

    Lightwell LED Panel lights have been designed to be fitted simply and quickly by a qualified electrician and mounted using the appropriate ceiling mount. We are able to supply the ceiling mount, which is available here. The mounts can be fitted on either flat or recessed ceilings, and provide the light panel with additional protection from atmospheric dust and moisture. The LED lighting panel in combination with the ceiling mount offers up to 90% energy saving compared to standard tube lighting. The ceiling mounts can be cleaned easily, using a damp cloth to wipe them over, or with a duster to ensure they continue to provide the maximum level of lighting. The ceiling mount comes with a 5 year warranty and 30 year lifespan, making them a highly cost efficient lighting solution when used in combination with the LED panel.

    Lightwell LED panel lights are available in either natural white, or cool white colour temperatures. The natural white panels are ideal for use in areas where bright lighting is needed, such as garages, workshops or factories. The cool white panels can be used in places where such natural bright lighting may not be required, such as offices, supermarkets, schools and conference rooms.

    Due to the Lightwell LED Panel Lights being so competitively priced, unfortunately we are sorry to advise that they are excluded from any discount codes on the site. If you require multiple light units, please call our Trade Desk on 0800 080 3201 for ordering a high volume. On high volume orders, we can offer pricing from as low as £18.99 +VAT.


  • Lumens
  • IP Rating
  • Light Colour
    Cool White (6000K) / Natural White (4000k)
  • Average Life
    50,000 Hours
  • Equivalent To
  • Input Voltage
  • CE / ROHS
  • Dimensions
  • Wattage
  • Beam angle
  • Diameter
  • Function
I did a 10,000 sq ft office with these and WOW. The offices look ultra modern and full of light. Everyone was so happy with the result.
I put these in my garage to replace 5' 18Wx2 FL's, excellent working light even if you don't have suspended panel ceiling.
just installed two of these in a worksop. lovely diffuse light for working under. throes almost no shadow.
Does the job very well

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90% energy saving
30 year lifespan
5 Year Warranty

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