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We’re fast becoming a more and more financially savvy nation. The savvier ones of us are constantly on the lookout for the lowest price, the biggest discount, the best money saving tips! We shop around craving value for money. We even teach our children, fostering responsible financial habits from a young age.

One of the biggest money saving tips in recent years has been to switch to energy-efficient LED lighting. This is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bills. Start saving today with the lowest priced and highest quality LED light bulbs from LightRabbit and get 20% off* your order simply by applying our unique voucher code SIMPLYLEDVOUCHER at checkout.

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Why are LightRabbit LEDs the simple & savvy choice?

Make big savings by switching to LED bulbs

  • By replacing your home's five most frequently used light fixtures or bulbs with LightRabbit LEDs, you could save around £50 each year.
  • Whilst the initial cost of LED bulbs may be offputting to some people, LEDs have a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours - that’s 20 times longer than traditional light bulbs!
  • The only cost of installation is a minute of your time, the majority of fittings are direct plug and play replacements and are easy to install.
  • LightRabbit LEDs require zero maintenance, once installed they won’t bother you!

We could go on and on, there are a hundred reasons to use LightRabbit LED light bulbs. The massive growth in popularity and preference for LED lighting solutions can be seen in the number of LED online suppliers in the UK today. We inevitably have many competitors, including Simply LED, but LightRabbit promises you, the savvy shopper, that you will not find a better bulb at a better price elsewhere. Our highly skilled Value department has one goal and that is to ensure that our like for like products cannot be found cheaper elsewhere. We are so sure that you won’t find a better price than at LightRabbit that we will even refund the difference if you find our products cheaper elsewhere.

It makes savvy sense - buy LightRabbit products at the lowest prices online and we’ll let you use our competitors coupons!

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*SIMPLYLEDVOUCHER code is valid for LED bulbs only. Commercial or already discounted products do not apply.

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