Simply LED: Four Fundamental Reasons to Make The Switch To Energy Efficiency

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If you want to live more eco-consciously and save yourself money on your electricity bill, without having to buy expensive new, energy-rated appliances, converting to LED is the next best thing. Put simply LED lighting can save you up to 90% on electricity consumption costs and last longer than any other kind of light bulb, so it only makes sense to convert. And, of course, the sooner you change your bulbs to LEDs, the sooner you can start reaping the benefits of saving. If you want to understand just how simple LEDs are, and how they can save you money, read on.

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1. Put Simply, LED Lifespans Outlast Any Other Kind of Lighting Put Simply, LED can save you up to 90% on your Lighting Costs! View our range of B22 Bayonet LED Bullbs

When you implement an LED lighting solution you will not have to change your light bulbs for at least five years with continuous usage, or after 50,000 hours, whichever comes sooner! Compared to a traditional household light bulb, this is an astronomical difference, with an incadescent lightbulb only expected to last up to 2000 hours. Furthermore, you will save up to 90% on your electricity consumption and the cost of converting your light bulbs will pay itself back within six months. When you look at the figures it doesn’t make sense not to make the change.

2. Experience Greater Efficiency from Your Light Bulbs

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A standard halogen light bulb only operates at about 20% efficiency, and does not last as long as an LED bulb. LEDs operate at approximately 80% efficiency, which means that 80% of the power consumed is used to generate high quality light. Also remember that technically LEDs never actually go out; the light they emit just becomes dimmer over time.

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3. LEDs Operate At Low Temperatures

It is not that LEDs do not produce any heat, rather that they have heat disbursement prongs that are used to direct the heat away from the bulb, making it last for longer. Because there is no flicker or warm up phase, you get instantaneous light with no risk of the glass exploding or cracking.

4. LEDs Can Be Dimmed

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Even though LED bulbs do not use as much electricity as standard bulbs to operate, you can still make them even more-energy efficient by dimming them. You do require either an LED compatible dimmer switch to be able to do this as you more than likely won’t be able to use a standard halogen dimmer switch to do the job, but the conversion process is simple enough and well worth looking into if you want to create the perfect ambience.

For more information on how quickly and simply LEDs can improve your life, contact your #1 LED lighting supplier in the UK, LightRabbit.

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