Shopping for GU10 LED Bulbs: Comparisons that Will Save You Money

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If you want to illuminate your home in a very cost-effective way, then LEDs certainly are the route to go.  You’ve probably read all about how much you can save and what you should be doing, but how do you get through the jargon and technical details and find the right LED light bulbs for your fittings? And, should you go with an LED specialist or a brand that has been producing traditional light bulbs and is now making the switch to energy-efficiency? To help you get started, we’ve put two GU10s under the spotlight, to see how they perform for their money.

Philips range of LED Lamps and bulbs 

Shopping For Philips GU10 LEDs


For those who want the top of the range product, Philips’ GU10 bulb certainly is of high quality, but you can also expect to pay a premium price for the technology. With a lifespan of 15 years, their GU10s will last you up to 15 years, only half that on offer from Light Rabbit. Their 6w bulb is only available in warm white, so not necessarily the ideal product for use in the kitchen, bathroom or any other area that requires stark lighting.


The 6W bulb also only has a 36-degree beam angle, making it most suitable for direct, focused light. The high quality light is very similar to a halogen spotlight, so if you are replacing halogens you can expect a similar kind of light to be emitted.



Buying LEDs From


Click here for more info on our 60 SMD GU10 - 50w ReplacementTo get the most mileage from your money, offers an 60 SMD / 50W equivalent bulb that can reduce your home or office power consumption by as much as 90%. With a 120° wide beam angle, this is currently one of the widest beam angles available on the market today, at a fraction of the cost of bigger brands.


Click here to see our Superior 6w GU10 - the brightest standard sized GU10 on the marketNeed something brighter? Why not try our Superior 6w COB  LED GU10, almost twice as bright as the Philips 6w Master and half of the price. Using the latest COB (Chip on Board) technology, this lamp produces up to 580 Lumens with a 60° beam angle which again is twice as wide as your existing halogens. 



This LED lighting UK is also compatible in local homes that have dimmable wiring, giving you full control over your home ambience at any given point in time. And, at prices starting at £5.99 each, they are definitely worth investing in. Our range of SMD and COB lamps reflect heat away from the LED bulb, prolonging its lifespan. They are also highly resistant to shock and vibration, extending the longevity of the bulb even more and just going to prove that energy-efficient lighting solutions do not have to come at a high price. By simply shopping at, you can find an LED product of the quality you require, at a price you can afford.

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