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Shop Commercial 2D LED Lights at Light Rabbit

Are you looking for a stylish 2D LED lamps? Welcome to Light Rabbit - suppliers of energy saving LED Lighting and LED Lamps. Our range of 2D LED Lights are suitable for lighting commercial premises while drastically reducing the energy bills within properties where they are fitted.

Save money on your next 2D LED replacement lights when you buy online at Light Rabbit. Trade discounts and multi-buy savings may apply, please contact us for details. Be sure to check out all the other Commercial LED Lighting options and start saving money on your energy bills today!

All LED Lamps for sale here on Light Rabbit are backed by our comprehensive returns policy for extra peace of mind!

Eco-Friendly 2D Lamps

Over the past few years, the LED lighting industry has been undergoing a drastic change and here at LightRabbit® we take great pride in the role we have played, as we are the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier of replacement LED bulbs and 2D Led lamps. At LightRabbit®, as well as creating environmentally friendly designs, we are confident in our selection of LED replacement for 2D lamps, as they come in a variety of wattages, styles and colours.  

Our 2D LED lamps save over 60 per cent on energy, which enables you to not only reduce your carbon footprint but your monthly bills too. We have a wide variety of LED replacement for 2D lamps here at LightRabbit® and part of that selection includes different colour options: warm and cool white. Warm white LED bulbs allow our customers to achieve a relaxing and inviting ambience in their home. However if you want the brightest light possible, then we have LED lamps in a cool white, which creates a sleek finish and modern look to any room. These energy saving lamps are manufactured as seamless replacements for 2D and Double D low energy fluorescent lamps which are ideal for illuminating stairwells, corridors, washrooms and even security applications. Our 2D LED lamps offer instant full-on power with no warm-up time needed. If you want lighting that can give you a smooth, flicker free performance with no glare or shadows, then our LED lighting is the right solution for you.

Cost Effective LED replacement for 2D Lamps

LED lighting has changed the way we light up our homes and offices, and by switching to our 2D LED lamps it has never been easier. Once our LED lamps are installed, your new lighting will effectively pay for itself within the first few months, recovering the cost from the dramatic savings on your energy bill. With an average lifespan of up to 30 years, our LED replacement for 2D lamps can not only reduce your monthly costs, but your household’s carbon footprint too.

Here at LightRabbit®, we really care about the environment and ensure that our bulbs are made from eco-friendly designs. We are always keen to reduce the nation’s lighting energy from households to offices. On top of suppling high quality and eco-friendly products, we like to offer the most competitive prices to our customers. We are so confident in our products we offer a 90 day money back guarantee to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchases, as our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our detailed range of LED lighting can be overwhelming, which is why we have a dedicated customer support system and our team is on hand if you need any assistance when switching to our LED lights. We also offer same day dispatch if we receive your order before 3pm.

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