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LED Lighting for Schools

Since LED lighting first made an appearance in modern times, its popularity has only grown, especially in commercial buildings such as factories, warehouses, department stores, and schools. Many of the schools in the UK are looking for ways to save money and aside from firing teachers or cutting important programs; schools can save money through a “radically” new method—changing the lighting.

The current lighting fixtures and incandescent and fluorescent bulbs aren’t cost effective, efficient or cool to the touch. Why should the bastions of our children’s education be stuck with high cost, low quality lighting when there are cost-effective, efficient, low heat-emitting LEDs?

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Lighting accounts for 80% of a school’s power costs, switch to LED and you can save up to 90%!

Cutting School Energy & Electricity Costs

Determining school energy consumption costs will vary because of several factors; hours of occupation, the age, dimensions and design of the school buildings, the amount of upkeep required and the number of lights used throughout the buildings. Of the nearly 25,000 schools in the UK, only a few of them have stepped into the 21st century and are transitioning from old lighting methods into LED lighting.<

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Benefits of LED Lighting in Schools

Because lighting accounts for 80% of a school’s power costs, cutting those costs by transitioning the inefficient lighting into low cost, high efficiency LED lights can save a school up to 90% on its annual energy bills. Because LEDs consume less energy, they cost less. It’s that simple. Because LEDs are efficient, they actually produce 80% more light than traditional lighting sources. Consider this: brighter hallways, classrooms, recreational spaces and administrative offices, but lower energy costs.

Lighting accounts for up to 80% of a schools power costs - save up to 90% with LED!Click here to view our range of LED lighting for Schools


Learn More About School Lighting

When your school transitions from fluorescent and halogen lighting to LED lighting, they will save money. When your school saves money, that money can go towards better programs, more supplies, teacher bonuses, and an all-around better education for your children.

For more information on how your school can save money through LED bulbs and fixtures, contact the #1 LED lighting supplier in the UK and Ireland: LightRabbit.

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