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Find Huge Savings & Cheap LED Light Bulbs at LightRabbit®

Welcome to our end of line clearances, discounted LED lighting and LED light bulb sale section; here you can find the best bargains and massive price drops whilst still taking advantage of the Light Rabbit Customer Care and Delivery services. Even though they might be cheaper than some of our other products, please be sure that the replacement LED light bulbs you choose are the correct brightness and suitable equivalents for your fitting.

If in doubt, please ask our friendly support team for more info... Hurry Whilst Stocks Last

High Quality, Cheap LED Light Bulbs & Lighting On Sale

As the UK and Ireland’s leading supplier and replacement when it comes to LED bulbs and lamps, we have noticed an influx in popularity in the LED lighting industry. We take great pride in the part that we have played, as we aim to help all households and offices make an easy and cost effective switch to more eco-friendly methods of lighting. Here at LightRabbit®, we have numerous special offers and a great selection in our LED sale, where you will be able to find bulbs in an array of wattages, brightness settings, styles and colours.

In our LED sale we have a variety of bulbs that are available in different colour options including warm and cool white. We give our customers the option of different coloured LED bulbs so they can create different atmospheres and set the mood to what they desire. For a warm and relaxing ambience we recommend warm LED lights. However, for those who want to achieve a clean-finished, modern look, they should opt for cool white lighting. We have many special offers here at LightRabbit®, and are incredibly proud that all of our cheap LED lighting is intelligently designed to reduce energy consumption, with some of our bulbs saving up to 90 per cent.

Long-Lasting Cheap LED Light

Here at LightRabbit® we have the greatest confidence in all of our cheap LED light bulbs as they are not only cost effective but incredibly eco-friendly too. If you make the switch to LED lighting today, you will conserve energy and have lightbulbs that are guaranteed a long life. The average lifespan of our cheap LED lights last for around 25,000 hours, which ultimately means our lighting, can reduce your household’s carbon footprint and monthly costs.

For lights that use little energy but still achieve the highest powered light, we have everything to suit your home and your workspace needs. Making the switch to LED lighting is the easiest it has ever been as our LED bulbs are a direct replacement and easy to install in the fixtures you already have, which makes the transition as smooth as possible. With our LED sale the switch will not only be the easy but it will be the cheapest option as well.

At LightRabbit® we care about the environment, and we support environmentally friendly designs that can reduce the nation’s energy consumption. As well as doing our bit for the environment, our customers and their satisfaction is our top priority which is why we have a variety of special offers, as well as providing guarantees on all of our products. We understand that our selection of lighting can be rather overwhelming and we do have an expert team who can assist you, should you need it, when it comes to making a decision on your lighting. We also provide our customers with a same day dispatch service; to make sure your order qualifies we ask that you please place your orders before 3pm.

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