Safety First: Why You Need To Install Fire Rated Downlights

Fire Rated LED Fittings

Modern UK LED lights have to conform to certain standards so that fire does not take off as quickly, giving people a chance to evacuate a building and improve their chances of escaping with minimal injuries. Both heat and hot air rise so the ceiling of the building is an important part of maintaining the fire and keeping it under control. This ensures it does not spread quickly between floors so fire rated downlights play a crucial role in fire safety. All recessed lights need to conform to safety standards.

Ceilings and Downlighting Ratings

Ceilings are usually made up of a single sheet of plaster board. One single sheet is fire rated for 30-minutes. This means it takes 30 minutes for the fire to burn through the plaster board. Higher fire ratings of 60 or 90 minutes require two or three sheets of plaster board to be combined.

During combustion it takes the fire longer to catch on a flat surface than it does to burn corners and edges. And, when you have fire rated LED downlights installed you need to make holes in the boards (the number of holes will depend on the number of holes you make). This weakens the plaster and enables the fire to take hold quicker than if it was burning through a flat board. It also reduces the time it would take the fire to become established and also lowers the fire rating of the ceiling.

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Make Sure Your LED Lighting Is Fire Rated

IP65 LED Downlights can hold fire off for 30, 60 or 90 minutes when they are installed correctly. These recessed UK LED lights have been created and tested for 30, 60 or 90 minutes and can only be used on the relevant ceiling boards.

LightRabbit's LED bulbs adhere to all building approvals and regulations. Our UK LED downlights are rated in line with Part B (fire safety), Part C (air flow), Part E (acoustics) and Part L (energy efficiency). With their thermal properties and ability to withstand steam and condensation our LED lighting is both stylish and functional and are guaranteed to light up your living or working space.

LED lighting provides a more energy and cost-efficient way of illuminating your office or workspace and unless you are having alterations or renovations done, you can install them yourself. Because these UK LED lights last for so long maintenance is minimal and more convenient than using traditional light bulbs.

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