Safety and Conversion Tips for Light Fitting Adapters features a selection of light fitting adapters for home and work use. Our 12W, 24W, 36W and 72W power supply adapters are essential pieces of equipment to enable you to convert AC voltage to direct current. We also offer a selection of affordable adapters of the highest quality and which can give more control over energy efficient you become.

The 12W light fitting adapters work with the UK LED 3528 strip lights and are only recommended for use out of doors. The 24W  and 72W power adapters can be used on the 3528 and 5050 Strip Lights and may also be used outside.

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We also offer the E27 to GU10 base adapter so you can use an E27 240V bulb in a GU10 fitting without having to replace either and still enjoy the benefits of LED lighting. People who are moving into a new home and find themselves in a place with different fittings can perform a quick fix with these adapters, allowing them to turn their lighting system into a fully energy efficient system as soon as they move in, and without the added expense of major conversions or re-wiring.

Adapters for Strip Lights: Safety and Tips

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The adapters are usually marked with amperes but strip lights are usually classified in watts so you need to convert them to be able to work out which adapter you need. To do this, multiply the number of amps by 12 to give you the power of the adapter in watts. You should choose an adapter that has 10 to 20% more power than you need so you can add other light products, lower the overall working temperature and make it last for longer.

As far as safety is concerned adapters should always be kept well away from water. Make sure you only buy 12V adapters as any other kind could cause damage to your lighting.

By using light fitting adapters in your home you can enjoy the energy saving benefits of LED lighting, saving time and saving money. You also won’t have to replace your LED bulbs as often as traditional bulbs. Depending on how often you use a light, you may never have to change your LED bulbs again while you are living in the same home.

Making the switch to LED lighting will see you decrease your carbon footprint and use contemporary UK LED technology to provide a more optimized lighting configuration.

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