8 Renewable Energy Projects That Create Jobs

 8 Renewable energy projects that create jobs

As the world becomes more focused on renewable energy, the government has revealed its plans to utilise alternative forms of power generation for the country’s energy needs. Three biomass projects and five offshore wind farms are among those to receive government support and are expected to provide clean power for millions of houses.The five wind farms are part of the Conservative Party’s strategy for the general election and are pegged to deliver cheaper wind power offshore, but have generated some controversy of late, mostly for not being comprehensive enough.

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Job Creation, Power and Investment

Offshore wind farmGreener Power for Britain

Together the eight projects are anticipated to create some 8,500 jobs which will bring much needed income to the economy. They are also expected to add another 4.5GW of capacity to the grid, which mounts to 4% of the country’s capacity, or the equivalent of power for 3 million homes. The projects have been valued at as much as £12 billion in private sector investment, according to the government.

The projects will contribute 2% of the average household electricity bill, or £11 per household by 2020. The news coincides with the government’s plans to introduce measures to lower electricity bills across the country.

Ed Davey, the Energy Secretary, was quoted as saying that the projects marked a turning point in the green energy investment boom in Britain. The projects, which will also deliver jobs and fuel growth, are part of the government’s commitment to providing energy sources that are cleaner and more secure. The reforms are part of the government’s blueprint to spark more industry competition and ultimately benefit the consumer, as a cost-saving measure.

Greener Power for Britain

Greener Power for Britain

Greener Power for Britain
On the whole the announcement has been well received by industry bodies who have been quick to add that the country still needs more wind energy projects both on and offshore. Industry bodies have welcomed the growth potential the new projects will bring to the coastal regions, which are in need of growth.

Certainly, much more development is required in order to protect Britain’s state of energy security, but the latest development does reflect government’s growing confidence in the wind energy and biomass sectors. A second biomass development was on on the list of projects that had not been approved.

The news comes after government reports that £30 billion has been spent on renewable energy generation projects since 2010. Government says its investment in the renewable energy sector has also created thousands of jobs.

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