PAR 38 - 12 Watt E27 COB LED Lamp, 900 Lumens

  • Replaces
  • 75W
90% energy saving
30 year lifespan
5 Year Warranty

PAR 38 - 12 Watt E27 COB LED Lamp, 900 Lumens

  • 75W Watt replacement
  • Wide Beam Angle
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£ 19.99 inc. VAT £16.66 ex. VAT
900 Lm 75W replace No Dimmable 12W 45°
Lux at ground level:  

  • Our 'Parabolic Aluminized Reflector' bulbs are ideal for replacing your existing downlights, fitting directly into any E27 fittings. Using only 12Watts, this bulb produces 900 lumens or 75Lm/W, making them extremely energy efficient.

    They are the equivalent to a 100W old style halogen whilst using only a fraction of the power.

    A modern, sleek design combined with its natural directional nature means PAR38 bulbs are one of the best applications for using LED.

    It boasts a wide 45° beam angle which enables this bulb to illuminate a much larger area than other PAR downlights, reducing the need for as many fittings.

    After the initial payment, this bulb will pay for itself within 6 months recovering the cost from the dramatic savings on your energy bill. Not only that, but with a standard life of 50,000 hours, this bulb will continue to save you money for up to 30 years and eliminate the need to replace bulbs on a regular basis.

  • Lumens
  • Light Colour
    Cool White
  • Type
    PAR38 Reflector Lamp
  • Base
    E27 (Edison Screw)
  • Average Life
    45,000 Hours
  • Equivalent To
  • Input Voltage
  • CE / ROHS
  • Dimensions
  • Wattage
  • Beam angle

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90% energy saving
30 year lifespan
5 Year Warranty

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