Osram LED Bulbs: Taking the Heat so You Can Save Money

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When the company first opened its doors in 1906, investors and company founders knew they were up against some pretty stiff competition, but that didn’t scare them out of the lighting industry, it only fed their hunger to do better, think better, and offer more to the newly enlightened consumer. Now, more than a century later, Osram is ahead of the innovative lighting curve, and UK LED bulb suppliers like LightRabbit benefit from their high quality, well crafted, energy efficient LED light bulbs.

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What makes the LED bulb so special? What makes the Osram LED bulb so special? Let’s answer those questions simply, shall we? Think about the traditional halogen light bulb; what comes to mind? Flickering, yellow tinge, hot to the touch, have to be replaced often, huge lighting bills…the list goes on. Now, let us tell you about the LED light bulb. An LED bulb consumes almost 85% less energy, produces more than 80% more light, puts out very little heat (the energy consumed is expelled as light and not wasted as heat), has a typical lifespan of up to five years, produces bright, white light, never flickers, and can save you 90% on your annual energy bill when used in place of the halogen bulb.

Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Now, consider the Osram LED Bulb.

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Osram LED bulbs emit less than 90% CO2 emissions, have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, light up immediately, can withstand being switched on and off frequently (up to 1,000,000 times), and is perfect for use in any base.

Not only does Osram manufacture some of the best LED light bulbs in the world, they also go above and beyond for the consumer by designing and manufacturing more than 150 different types of LED bulbs so that every consumer can find an LED light bulb that will fit their lamp base and light fixture. Osram offers high and low voltage options, LED bulbs to fit residential or commercial lighting fixtures, and LED bulbs that emit cool white or warm white light.

If you’d like to know more about how an LED light bulbs can save you money, brighten your home or office, or add character to your décor, visit LightRabbit to see our supply of LED bulbs. LightRabbit is the #1 LED bulb supplier in the UK and Ireland. Contact us today to get your LED bulbs!

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