NxtGen: Saving You Power, Saving You Money

Click to see our NxtGen III - 4.6w 450 LumensThe NxtGen range of energy efficient LED bulbs from LightRabbit.co.uk enables you to illuminate your home or work space at a fraction of the cost of using standard or traditional light bulbs. The NxtGen Series III provides a 50W equivalent LED lighting solution that’s available in Cool and Warm white. The 60° Wide Beam Angle will ensure that even the darkest of rooms is illuminated while only using 5W of power.

Coined our “best multi use lamp”, the NxtGen 4.6 watt LED lamp provides 450 lumens of light. Because of its superior casing these UK LED bulbs deliver low heat emissions and also have double insulation for maximum protection. It is available in dimmable and non-dimmable options and is ideal for retrofitting. This means this range can be used on all traditional 240V GU10 bases, as a quick and easy replacement to standard light bulbs.

The Series III LED bulbs also have plastic lenses so you can’t see the 'SMD' chip, which means the bulbs look as good as they perform. The lens also provides a degree of colour protection, no matter the angle the lamp is viewed at. These LEDs are also safe and non-toxic and do not contain any glass or mercury. Converting your standard lamps to LEDs can reduce your energy use and cost by up to 90%.Take a look at our NxtGen COB 4.6w 450 Lumens

If you prefer to buy in bulk and save even more on your utilities, we also have a pack of five NxtGen COB (chip on board) UK LED lamps. These can be used in your existing GU10 bases if they have an input voltage of 100 to 250V of AC power. These are also available in dimmable and non-dimmable, and will recover their cost from the amount you save in only six months. These LED bulbs will last for Six Years if you leave them burning 24-hours a day, seven days a week or up to Thirty Years if used for an average of 4-6 hours a day. Our LED lighting does not contain any glass or mercury and is safer for the environment than standard light bulbs.

It is very important to check whether you need dimmable or non-dimmable LED lighting, as making the wrong choice could cause extensive damage. LightRabbit.co.uk is available for advice if you are unsure as to which lighting solution will work best for you before you order. We can also help you to find out Which Dimmer will ensure optimal use of your new energy-efficient, cost-saving lamps to make sure you get the best possible return from your investment in environmentally-friendly lighting.

Take a look at our 4.6w Nxt Gen COB 450Lm

Click to see more of our 4.6w NxtGen III 450LmNxtGen housing rear view

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