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If you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom spaces, and are looking for an alternative to the dingy yellow, poorly functioning light bulbs found in most recessed lighting, you should consider the MR11 bulb, but make sure to choose the better product.

The MR11 LED bulb is very much like the MR11 halogen bulb in that it can be used in the same applications, but that is the only thing these two have in common. Compared to the MR11 LED bulb, the MR11 halogen is the gross, unkempt doppelganger living under the stairs in the family home. They are ugly, poorly functioning, and best left in the dark.

The MR11 LED bulb uses the newest in LED technology. That means that it consumes less energy than the halogen equivalent, but where the halogen produces 80% heat and only 20% light, the MR11 LED bulb produces 80% light and only 20% heat. When you need a bright, crisp light without the overwhelming heat, the LED bulb is the better option. Because it produces very little heat, it is safe to handle, won’t catch the drapes on fire, and cannot double as a heat lamp for leftover food.

While the initial cost of the MR11 LED bulb is a little higher than the halogen relation, the initial investment is paid back easily within the first month of use. Because the LED bulb is energy efficient, it can save up to 90% on your annual energy bill – that is an easy savings of £1,000. You can ditch the impractical halogen bulb and buy your MR11 LED bulb from your only trusted online source for LED lighting and accessories: LightRabbit.

MR11 LED bulbs are the perfect replacements for the older, inefficient halogen MR11 bulbs. If you’d like help deciding which MR11 LED bulb is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable and LED loving customer services representatives of LightRabbit. Our selection of high quality MR11 LED bulbs is growing, and as we gather more LED bulbs into our inventory, we will continue to be the UK’s #1 source for MR11 LED bulbs.

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