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LED lighting has become incredibly popular for stage shows, music concerts and visual spectacles of almost every kind. It has virtually replaced all conventional light fixtures now because of their efficiency, reliability and life span. Theatrically they can also be used as audience blinders when they are used directly in the line of sight.

Browse our range of PAR LED LampsPAR cans are one of three different types of LED stage lighting, along with moving heads and strip lights. With an LED PAR there is a round circuit board and mounted LEDs, instead of using an LED lamp. Moving heads usually have a mounted stack of LEDs that have been positioned on top of a yoke, or it can be the usual moving headlights with an LED bank instead of a bulb.LED lighting for the stage is generally available in Red, Green and Blue but you can get a number of different output colours if you modify the intensity of each of the colour groups. For entertainment venue owners and lighting and sound companies this technology is ideal because of its extended lifespan. LED bulbs also do not require the expertise of maintenance and replacements when it comes to lamps and colour gel.To add to the convenience of the technology these LED bulbs can be controlled by a DMX and do not need dimmers. They consume very little power, so from a rigging point of view multiple LEDs can be connected to the same power supply. Because they emit very little heat they are suitable for lighting ice sculptures and entertainment areas that are already quite hot and where the temperature needs to be kept down.At LightRabbit we also stock a range of PAR LED bulbs for the home, which are available with E27 bases. These UK LED lamps are available in warm and cool white. You also have the option of narrow, very narrow and wide beam angles to choose from. These LED bulbs are also available in dimmable and non-dimmable options in some lines.Whether you are investing in LED lighting for professional or home entertainment purposes you can rest assured that you will get more mileage from your money. You can expect a lifespan of around 50,000 hours when using the lamp correctly, which works out to about 30 years. LightRabbit also offers a money-back guarantee for the first 90 days after your purchase.


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