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Living green and saving money never looked as good as when using living room LED lights. For years, LED light was expensive to create and was not the first choice for use in UK households because the colour could not be controlled and offered a harsh bluish tint. After much innovation, LED bulbs and other LED lighting options are available in an array of colours and styles, at a lower cost than ever offered before. LED light bulbs can be found to match any design or décor.

Although there is a substantial initial investment for the purchase of LED light bulbs, the cost evens out once not having to replace the bulbs for upwards of ten years or so is factored in. In fact, LEDs are cheaper than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, which are traditionally used as light sources, and they do not waste the energy that their predecessors do in producing their light. LEDs are approximately 400% more efficient than traditional light bulbs.

Select from living room LED lights that bathe the room in a warm glow, from LED tracks placed along the ceiling. LED spotlights that showcase favourite pieces of artwork or other home décor can place your beloved items on display, in lighting that will not become heated and place them in jeopardy. LED strip lights can provide colour changes that match the time of day or the season, instantly creating any feeling within your living room that you want.

Tech savvy homeowners can indulge in smart LED bulbs that can be controlled via the internet with a smart phone or tablet. Various apps are available to customize the lighting experience with remote control of the colour, effects, and luminosity of the bulbs.

Whatever your LED lighting in the UK needs may be, call us at LightRabbit to start crafting the LED lit living room of your dreams. We are the ultimate UK LED lighting retailer, serving the UK and Ireland, and we understand your UK LED lighting needs. Every member of our staff is knowledgeable about LED lighting and accessories and will provide excellent customer service so that you are satisfied with your experience.

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